An Apologetic Post to vegans: but.. Science is science, right?

Cheese and Red Meat Back on the Menu

Scientists at the European Society of Cardiology Congress in Germany have recommended eating more of seven key foods – vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, fish, dairy and non-processed red meat as part of a healthy diet.

The diet quality score is based on the recent PURE study. PURE investigator Andrew Mente MD, told Medscape Cardiology, “You need nutrition beyond fruit and vegetables – dairy and red meats both have many nutrients not found in fruits and vegetables. We looked at the whole diet”.

He also noted that the study focused on data from low and middle income countries as well as some high income countries making the data applicable for all populations. The study has already supported plant based diets,
This further supports the ongoing campaign for governments to make significant adjustments to their dietary guidelines.

(Thanks to Rob Verkherk, ANH)

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