Can we get our heads around the BIG question of feeding for the human race?

As I check what’s happening on Facebook and my favorite blogs, a small but persistent thought nibbles away at my consciousness. It keeps on repeating “Yes… but…” over, and over, and over.

Yes but what?
Yes, this is a good story, a good recommendation to improve my health, a good diet page, a good new and exciting supplement, a new group of people getting very excited about their new product that guarantees unbelievable results…

Do you have this little thought in your mind? Or is it in there but you are not yet aware of it? Or is it only me?

Today I read a quite disturbing article on a mathematician who is trying to change the way biologists and nutritionists see food advancement. I began reading it with the usual casual interest but then one sentence reached out and called up my ‘Yes but’.

Mathematical Biologist and Data Scientist Irakli Loladze looking at soybeans in Lincoln, Nebraska, September 5, 2017

The atmosphere is literally changing the food we eat, for the worse. And almost nobody is paying attention.

The atmosphere? The air we breathe? What did it mean? 

I’m going to assume that this quote affected your own ‘Yes but’ nerve. After all, it is saying something far greater than whether turmeric is good for circulation, or acai berries are good antioxidants. It’s suggesting that we may be starving ourselves to death through changing the nature of the air we breathe. And have we changed it? Oh yes. Our CO2 levels are WAY up. But (as one Texan senator said) isn’t that good? Don’t plants want CO2? Won’t it increase production?

Er.. yes.. but WHAT is it increasing? Is it creating higher yields of perfect food, or is it reflecting the accepted studies that show nutritional value of food has been steadily decreasing – (inversely related, as it happens), with the increase of CO2?

I’m not going to tell you more. I’ll just say that this article gave me a totally new way of looking at our food supply. The young mathematician was so persistent that he is – ever-so slowly – getting through to people who care. So I’m suggesting that if you care, it’s worth a read!

Here’s the link.

I guess that having now posted this article, I have ‘stepped forward’ in a ‘one small step’ find of a way. The mathematician, Irakli Loladze, stepped forward and is continuing to do so because he believes in what he sees.
if you want to ‘step forward, please copy and share this post.

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