The Disturbing Reality about Alzheimer’s.

.. And what I’m doing that’s keeping me sane.

There are 5,400,000 Americans currently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, so we can logically say that it is close to an epidemic.

Latest reports now inform us that amyloid plaque may be forming at age 30. Indeed, we now see more evidence of younger people with this awful disease. The promised superdrugs that are simply still in the too-hard basket for Big Pharma already have the proviso that they will need to be taken daily from as early an age as possible. This means a goldmine for Big Pharma. All they need is the new wonder drug.

Every 66 seconds, someone in the US is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

I’ve been through my own Alzheimers’ scare, documented in this video.

And… I’ve confronted the other tragedy of the possibility of ‘Alz’ in my own life in which my loved ones suddenly are inextricably attached to a – let’s be basic here – a ‘Zombie’.

Almost 60 percent of caregivers say the associated emotional distress of looking after a loved one is high. (I think that’s an understatement if ever I heard one!)
Around 40% of carers suffer from diagnosable depression.

Witnessing a loved one’s mind and memories of who they – and you – are slowly fade and jumble to a point where they are no longer able to recognize a family member  – is a profound and depressing life experience that millions of people experience every day. This gut-wrenching emotional toll isn’t directly measurable in financial terms, but just USA’s economic costs for Alzheimer’s are projected to be $236 billion in 2016.

We all know we need ways to alleviate and hopefully heal.. but there’s really nothing coming from Big Pharma – which in my opinion is testimony to the gravity of the situation.

I’ve pored over the latest reports by the specialists in the problem.. and nothing stands out that would make me feel better about the statistically real possibility of me either becoming victim.. or a victim of a victim in the form of carer. I receive updates daily and not one I’ve seen over 3 years of daily releases has changed my own ‘diagnosis’ that they have no answers.

As I said earlier, brain changes caused by Alzheimer’s begin as early as 20 years or more prior to the onset of the first symptoms. During these initial alterations, we can often mentally compensate for the damage, so we appear to be capable of a normal life. In truth, metabolically and metaphorically, we are still driving the car.. just clutching the steering wheel harder.. and harder.. and harder!

The ‘establishment experts’ make the case that possibility of early detection is critical and may potentially alleviate some of the long-term psychological and financial burden on individuals and families who engage in early preparation. As I read this report, I couldn’t help wonder how successful any drug vendor will be in convincing a 35 year old that he or she must consume their new wonder drug every day of their relatively young and symptomless lives. Would you?

The true takeaway from the state of understanding is that as the years pass and the neuronal damage accumulates, the brain can no longer compensate.
We – or in most cases, our partner – begin to notice subtle shifts in cognitive abilities. Symptoms vary on a case-by-case basis, but the most common and primary symptom is difficulty recalling new information. This is because initial damage occurs in localized regions of the brain responsible for forming new memories.
Once Mr. Alzheimer begins to take over, and the neuronal damage becomes more widespread across other areas of the brain, we may experience the following symptoms:
~memory loss,
~challenges in planning or problem solving,
~trouble completing familiar tasks,
~disorientation with time and place,
~misplacing and losing items,
~poor judgment,
~difficulty understanding visual images and spatial relationships,
~withdrawal from personal and professional activities,
~changes in mood and personality (including apathy and depression),
~increased anxiety, agitation, and sleep disturbance.

When I began experiencing at least six of these symptoms (the red ones above) I demonstrated another symptom not in this list: denial.
It was Cassie who persisted and made me come to the realisation that there could be something very nasty happening to me, and it was Cassie who discovered coconut oil. It took courage on her part to tell me that she would not support me if I didn’t accept and respond to the problem to the best of my abilities.

She was telling me to ‘Man Up!’

I need not remind the reader that in later stages of the disease, we may require 24/7 assistance with daily personal care, we may lose the ability to respond to our immediate environment, and we may even experience a loss in the ability to walk, sit, and swallow, (amongst other debilitating symptoms).

Some 300,000 people have watched our YouTube video and of course, some have suggested I didn’t really have Alzheimers. And hey, I’m the first to admit that what happened to me in terms of recovery is hard to believe and flies in the face of conventional established medical theory. But I’ve now had scores of people sending us thank you comments on the video for the effects they experienced.. So.. go figure!

The difficulty with Alzheimers is that no single test can yet diagnose dementia caused by Alzheimer’s.
It requires a team of physicians – a neurologist, a neuropsychologist and a and radiologist to work with the primary care physician to determine the course of the disease. Sadly, once diagnosed, none of the treatments available to date seem to have the ability to slow down or stop the progressive neuronal damage that occurs as a result of Alzheimer’s.

And.. I admit it.. this is exactly why I went into denial! I knew there was no known cure! And I tried to convince myself it just wasn’t happening.

Alzheimer’s is the ONLY disease among the top 10 causes of death in the US that can’t be prevented, cured or even slowed.

I’ve been ‘clear’ now for years. I’ve learned a great deal along the way simply by observing how I react to diet. I know, for instance, that carbs increase my symptoms. Again, with Cassie’s encouragement, I went ‘cold turkey’. Within a week of a carb breakout, I start to drop words in sentences and experience disorientation. By returning to my low carb high fat diet, I return to acuity.

I am very, very lucky to be in the health business because I have the luxury of witnessing large numbers of people’s results to new or different health support strategies. This allows me to use this information for my own purposes. So I’ve also learned that remaining in ketosis (which means strict low carb high fat dieting, or the use of exogenous ketone supplements has improved my mental state. My experience has been that my keto supplements give me amazing mental clarity. I’m here right now working on at least six projects at once.. and I’m not losing it!

I’ve also seen and heard the results experienced by people using molecular hydrogen water or supplements. This video is of a discussion with an old friend who followed my pathway.

Molecular Hydrogen,
(AKA H2) has shown promising results in treating and preventing various neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and CTE, amongst others. Until recently, the earliest detection of Alzheimer’s showed the accumulation of an abnormal form of proteins known as tau and Aβ (beta-amyloid plaques). It’s postulated that these contribute to brain changes which cause destruction of the neuron. Results include memory decline and the other symptoms I detailed earlier Studies published only last year found a new target for the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s. They concluded that mitochondrial injury and dysfunction precedes the accumulation of abnormal proteins. If we can reduce this mitochondrial injury we may be preventing and diminishing advances in severity of symptoms.
The science showing the power of H2 is just stunning. Over 700 peer-reviewed, scientific articles have shown a vast array of health benefits from daily consumptions of hydrogen-enriched water (H2 water). Alzheimer’s related studies have concluded that drinking hydrogen rich water not only reduced but at times even reversed the accumulation of the tau protein tangles.

Neuroinflammation, another common characteristic of the pathology of Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases, has been shown to be modulated in studies. Perhaps the most exciting aspect f H2 is its low weight and infinitesimally small structure enabling penetration of any membrane/compartment of our body. This means it easily crosses into the mitochondria and prevents free radical and oxidative damage that scientist have concluded precedes the neuronal damage underlying Alzheimer’s.

When I read the studies it appeared obvious to me that molecular hydrogen may not just alleviate the vast majority if not all of the symptoms, but has the potential of addressing the root cause of the symptoms.
So, along with coconut oil, low carbs and exogenous ketones, H2 is one more must-have strategy in my home arsenal of “AA” – anti Alzheimers tools.

If you relate to this article, I’m happy to pass on details of the products I’ve mentioned (except coconut oil, which is available at most health food stores).

Just email us at [email protected] We’ll send you our full report on where to get them.

There is hope.

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