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A “Vegan” Water Filter?

A "Vegan" Water Filter?

We love our customers for many reasons.

One reason is that they continue to surprise us with their questions.
No question is 'bad' for us because all questions tell us what our people are concerned about.

This one (above) was received this morning from one of our happy customers.

It's a good question because it tells us that you care about what is in your filter. We've gone to great lengths to be transparent about the materials in our filter, and you can see them all, layer by layer, on our website.

Yes, we can state categorically that the UltraStream filter is vegan friendly, and allow us to add what more we know about the question.

An often-used media for fluoride removal is burnt cow's bones.

It's called bone char but don't expect to see it advertised for obvious reasons.

So.. if a company makes great claims about their ability to remove contaminants particularly fluoride, but don't reveal what they use to achieve it, then in our opinion they are probably hiding something.

If you'd like to explore our own innovation, the AlkaWay UltraStream water filter, click here.


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