Molecular Hydrogen and Psoriatic Arthritis

I’m so grateful to Randy Sharpe, convenor of our Hydrogen Water group on Facebook. Randy is alert to every new report on the benefits of H2 and this week he gave our group access to a report on the capability of molecular hydrogen in alleviating psoriasis-associated arthritis..

As a study it has its limitations because it looks at only 3 cases. I would expect, however, that if I suffered from this awful disease, I’d still want to learn more.

Here is the link to the study in all its technical detail including the 3 cases.

Here is the sentence I found and liked.

“The psoriatic skin lesions almost disappeared at the end of the treatment.”

We are seeing more and more studies on molecular hydrogen and it is now beyond a hopeful alternative health idea. I recommend you take some time on this site to educate yourself.


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