Laura Rimmer. Alkaline Diet Coach Extraordinaire Joins Forces with Alkaway!

I’m very happy to announce that Laura Rimmer, (my idea of the perfect diet coach) has agreed to support our customers wishing to take it further with their Alkaline Diet.

I’m also happy because it wasn’t an arrangement based on money. Laura contacted me to tell me how she loved her UltraStream.
And when someone with over a decade of the alkaline theory behind her tells me this… I’m HAPPY!

As my long-term friends/customers will know, we also created a whole alkaline diet program.. but frankly, we’re so busy with the UltraStream we don’t have the time to support alkaline diet inquiries, so Laura appeared at the right time!

So here’s what it means to you.

You can contact Laura from this page. She has excellent documentation and can send you this gratis. She runs a full program for people serious about alkalizing as a life change, and she charges for this – naturally. But if you look at her webpage and the stories people have of her expertise and support..  you’ll understand why I think that anyone who signs on for her life-changing experience will only benefit.

Laura has some great free resources for you:

  • FREE 38-page Alkaline Diet Recipe eBook
  • FREE 7 Ways to Alkalize Your Body guide
  • FREE Alkaline Foods List
  • FREE regular online live health and alkaline diet masterclasses where you can ask your specific diet and health questions
  • FREE private Facebook community with lots of resources and video training (including ones on alkaline water)

Grab your free Alkaline Diet Recipe Book and resources at her website here:

BT.. laura’s clients come from all over the world. She’s in the UK, but she helps a world of people!

And please! Let me know how it goes for you. We LOVE your stories!

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