Making the Right Health Choice: with the WWW it’s harder than ever!

17 Years. Wow.

It sometimes seems to me that the last 17 years (since we began AlkaWay) have delivered us to an alternative reality. The options! The choices! The computing power! The ability to communicate and express!

Personally, I am becoming more and more aware of how my mind is like the computer I spend far too long looking at. The ‘message’ I receive is restricted firstly by speed of my internet (eyes, ears, touch) and then by bandwidth (how MUCH info I can take in.

Yesterday I read a new post by the amazing Seth Godin that touched this nerve.

“Today, because noise is everywhere, we’re all surrounded by a screaming horde, an open-outcry marketplace of ideas where the race to be heard appears to be the only race that matters. And so subtlety flies out the window, along with a desire to engage for the long haul. Just a troop of gorillas, all arguing over the last remaining banana.

It turns out that there’s a useful response… to ignore them. To stick to the work, to the smallest possible audience, to building something worth talking about.

What actually works in a noisy environment isn’t more noise—it’s the challenging work of earning the benefit of people telling people.

We don’t need more hustle. We need more care and generosity. 

I read this and totally identified with what he said about “screaming hordes, an open-outcry marketplace”.

I am SO aware that almost everything I read on the net regarding health is not true. So as a consumer I have this indignation that I’m being manipulated and lied to.  Yes, yes, I know much of what I read on the web isn’t outright lying.. it varies over a vast spectrum from outright lies through mild exaggeration to an intentional ‘forgetting’ of less favourable facts.

But I also realise that as an inventor and supplier of our own H2 water system, the UltraStream, I am tempted daily by the open invitation by the same bandwidth monster (the internet) to fill up my possible customers’ headspace with ‘my truth’. And I have to admit that I am really taken aback when, with the total freedom we are given on the web, some unknown person calls me a fraud, a bender of science. I doesn’t matter whether they are right or not. It matters that I am affected by their comments. I often try to set them right but they are usually long gone, 50 new web pages away,telling someone else they are a fraud. appears to me that it’s in my court to

a) be as honest as I can and
b) to allow others their freedom to comment, judge, express themselves.

But.. it also appears to me that the vast majority of web addicts have not really bothered to learn HOW to read scientific studies, to discriminate between the ways so-called ‘facts’ are displayed.. I can go on and on about how many ways we are deceived.

And.. if it’s up to ME to make good decisions for myself and my loved ones, then in this vast ‘info-frontierland’ we call the web, I need to educate myself on how to really find the truth. Tywon Hubbard hasn’t been ‘in the biz’ as long as I have but I am very impressed with his strong need for truth, as we can see in this video.

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