Measuring Hydrogen Levels in Water

It’s been over 3 years since we introduced our Ultrastream.

Our first tests for H2 levels were carried out by AquaSciences LLC.

A specific H2 reagent test method was used to test H2 levels in the output UltraStream water, also comparing it to an SD501 Kangen.

Althoiugh our test results were – for us – fabulous, showing almost 4x the H2 of the SD501, I need to add that there are many factors involved in H2 testing beyond straight comparison of H2 levels. These can include:

  • Method of administration
  • Water composition – calcium in particular
  • Effect of the H2 creation process on availability (How many gallons, whether the device will degrade in capability over time,
  • Longevity of H2 infused water

We’ve been using the reagent ever since, but we’ve also ‘invested’ in a Trustlex meter as a second way to measure H2 levels. It was only recently that we learned that the Trustlex meter does not really test H2 levels.

It tests ORP levels and extrapolates based on a set inner program what the H2 should be for that O.R.P.

My friends at AquaCentrum in Germany took the same path and this table demonstrates just how different readings may be. The H2 Blue reagent is VERY accurate.


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