Molecular Hydrogen: Drink it, Inhale It, or… BOTH!

I spent a very productive day with Jim Wilson, founder of Hydrogen Technologies, an Australian company that has dived headfirst into manufacturing what I think will be the H2 system we will see in hospitals.

We spent over 30 minutes on this video covering all aspects of the H2 inhalation idea. It’s very relevant to anyone considering any form of electric water ionizer because of its demonstrated massively better delivery of molecular hydrogen both via inhalation and via water.

If you are considering a water alkalizer / water ionizer I think you should look at what your money can buy.

I also spent time talking to Tyler Lebaron, founder of the Molecular hydrogen foundation yesterday. The Foundation will be introducing h2 delivery standards in the near future. These are designed to allow buyers to easily evaluate H2 performance of different models. In an industry that’s been selling water alkalizers / ion izers for almost two decades all i can say is it’s ABOUT TIME!

Last night I slept with Jim’s system pumping a steady stream of H2 to me all night.

Ask me how I feel. Amazing!

Jim is a very dedicated guy. He spent many years raising money to help kids with cancer, until, in his words…. well, watch the video!

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