Molecular hydrogen and electric water ionizers.

This post popped up a few days ago. It’s one of some dozens I have seen in the last 3 years. I think there would be a vast number more if people really understood the benefits of molecular hydrogen infused water and actually checked on whether their expensive water ionizer was giving more than the therapeutic minimum of .3 parts per million.

“Just got my first H2 blue drops. First test of the 9.5 pH water coming from my E****** SD***of undetermined age, which was last deep cleaned probably about six months ago showed a concentration of about 0.2 ppm. No bueno. We ran 5.5 pH beauty water through it for a minute or two and the next test revealed about 0.4 ppm. Better, but still not good enough for me. Next to try a deep cleaning or at least a cleaning and check it again.”


We are still the only water ionizer maker that has invested in a proper test for molecular hydrogen. The results are here.

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