Is a Natural Water Ionizer as good as an Electric one?

It’s been difficult sometimes to convince some prospective customers that a sub-$1000 natural water ionizer can equal or surpass a $5000 electric one.

The usual spoken (or unspoken) objection is that it doesn’t make sense that anyone can get the same result from something that saves them thousands of dollars.

So here at AlkaWay we have to work hard with these people to PROVE to them that we are not just a ‘cheapie’, that we actually offer vastly better filtration, better real, ‘buffered’ alkaline water, and higher levels of molecular hydrogen.

We knew the job was dangerous when we took it on.
We can’t imagine anyone more qualified. After all, we sold thousands of electric water ionizers for 12 years, all the way back to 2000. If anyone knows electric ionizers, it’s us.

We knew we’d have this communication problem, and we knew that our competitors, with much more money to make from a sale, would be doing their level best to safeguard their commission checks, which are actually bigger than the total cost of our UltraStream!

  • That’s why you’ll see our test data, showing the UltraStreams’ performance as a filter from Day one to Day 365 – the only filter test for whole of life ever commissioned for any water ionizer, electric or natural!
  • You’ll see a direct independent lab comparison of a $4000 electric ionizer and the UltraStream’s capacity to produce molecular hydrogen… and you may be very, very surprised at the result.
  • You’ll also see that it’s not made in Asia, that all plastics are EPA certified, that all filtration media conforms to the highest certification standards.
  • And you’ll see our EU safety certification – the only safety certified water ionizer in Europe!
  • Finally, look closely. You’ll discover something absolutely unique; the automatic upgrading of any feature or function improvement every time you replace your filter!

But… it’s the actual alkaline water I’d like to talk about here.

You’ll see and hear electric water ionizer sellers – usually MLM sellers – saying that their machine creates alkaline water, but I’m going to challenge them.

Do they? Really?

I’ve made a number of videos already on the subject, showing the difference between alkalized buffered water and the ‘unbuffered’ ‘weak’ water produced via electrolysis in an electric ionizer. Given that we want alkaline mineral in our body as a result of drinking this water – for after all, that’s how we protect ourselves from increased acidity – I can tell you without fear of contradiction that the natural water ionizer is going to deliver MORE alkaline minerals than the electric. As a matter of fact, most electric systems don’t deliver ANY alkaline minerals. They only concentrate the alkaline minerals already existing in the source water!

We had some interesting conversations with electric ionizer sellers who call up pretending to be customers. They do this because they’ve heard this from us and their supplier has denied it – so they try to get to the truth. Good for them!

As the inventor of the UltraStream,
we understand that any customer still reserves some acceptance because they still think we are just trying to sell them something, so it was rewarding to see that the best website and resource in the world on the subject of molecular hydrogen has mow published a page on this exact subject. I’ll quote:

“In addition to the electric water ionizer most commonly seen for producing alkaline water, there are “non-electric”  units and tablets which can also produce alkaline water.

These units can produce alkaline water and dissolved molecular hydrogen in the water not through electrolysis, but by combining water with elemental magnesium (Mg + 2H2O ==> Mg(OH)2 + H2).

As seen in the equation, the reaction results in the production of hydrogen gas (H2) and magnesium hydroxide (Mg(OH)2), which is responsible for the increase in pH. Because this technology does not use electricity/electrolysis to produce alkaline water, some will say that this is an “inferior” way of producing alkaline hydrogen water.

But, there is no reason to question either the quality of the drinking water or the dissolved hydrogen produced.

As far as the higher pH, the end result of an increased level of hydroxide ions is identical to that produced during electrolysis. Indeed, the process of adding electrons to the water via either electrolysis or metallic magnesium is the exact same thing (2e + 2H2O –> H2 +2OH).

In order to maintain a final pH closer to neutral, most tablets manufactured today include some form of acid to neutralize the hydroxide produced. “

The actual page bears a read if you are still trying to ascertain who is telling the truth and who is talking through their profit valve. It talks about the electrolysis process and elucidates on everything i’ve said on this page. 

If you want to read it, click on the image.

We look forward to hearing from you!
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~ Ian Blair Hamilton
Founder, Inventor. AlkaWay

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