Shark Tank Coffee? An idea with lots of holes.

Last night we watched Shark Tank. Some guys had developed a sachet to add to your coffee brew. The ingredients were quite similar to the water we get from our UltraStream. The problem with their idea – as I saw it – their stated need for distilled water instead of tap water.

So you have to buy water, add the sachet and then you’ll have good coffee.

So, I don’t want to be a wet blanket.. but why would anyone buy a plastic container of distilled water, lug it home and store it, just top have a good cup of coffee? Why not purify their own water from their tap, add the minerals they say are important, and have that water on tap 24/7 PLUS infused molecular hydrogen?

Jat asking. (Yes, I’m a coffee freak. And yes, I will pay for a better coffee.. but hey, sachets and bought water vs. an UltraStream? It’s a no-brainer. Ask an UltraStream owner.

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