Sugar in the View of a Serious Alkalarian


~Dominic Spiers, Alkaway UltraStream Owner and Live Blood Analysis.

Sugar is an acid… that’s why Alkalarians don’t eat fruit or other sugars.

I’m not about to jump to the defence of fruit or sugar, but I’d like to try and explore to see if this black/white blanket statement about sugar is true.

Certainly the average human with average health should avoid fruit and sugars. Most people have some degree of insulin resistance, plus yeast/fungus in their blood, pH imbalance and an unhealthy GI tract.

Sugar plus insulin resistance is bad news as sugar hangs around in the blood for longer. This allows the yeast a longer feeding time. The body gets further acidified and fruit will ferment in an unhealthy GI tract full of mucus and undigested animal protein.

My curiosity lies in the way in which sugar is handled within a healthy alkaline body. For the record I dislike sugar in general and have never found that carbohydrate gives me energy.. modern fruit is hybridized and modified.. but what happens when you blend organic, biodynamic local greens with some hybridized bananas?

Is the end result ok? 

The argument for sugar
…as I see it is that raw sugars are different to cooked ones.. plus I hear that someone on a fruit based diet, over time has increased ability to process sugar when fat intake is low.

The real problem the combo of fats and sugars. Fat slows down the absorption or elimination of sugar so the sugar hangs around in the blood.. causing damage because sugar is an acid.. and also allowing the fungus to feed for longer.

Also as fat (for example if someone added avocado to a fruit smoothie) has slowed the absorption of sugar the body has to produce more insulin to force the process and insulin resistance of brain and body cells is the result.

Healthy Alkaline
So if a person is healthy, alkaline, clean and thoroughly detoxed… could they enjoy a diet which includes properly combined fats and sugars? I think for example if someone was healthy and cleansed (ie no fermentation in GI tract)..

I think that they could enjoy a green smoothie with 50% greens and 50% fruit.. blended with water.. then several hours later once all sugar has left the blood.. have a meal containing healthy fats and oils. After all, leaves dull the sugar spike and contribute chlorophyll and alkalinity.. also people consuming fats 3 x per day often report constipation and need to use mg oxide to have a bowel movement.

Fruit has a much faster bowel transit time.. so on balance the benefits of good bowel movements means less acid in the body.

I have to admit that I don’t fully understand sugar. Whilst it doesn’t give me energy I know athletes are sustaining themselves on fruit (though probably accelerating their aging in the process..) and a look at people like the Bouteko family and Dan Macdonald.. shows that some people are doing pretty good even whilst including some sugar.

As always I like to understand things in as much detail as possible especially as nutrition is an area that is constantly being explored and so often.. it is the small details which can make all the difference in establishing the truth.

I’ve been fully raw again for the past week or two and feel really good… can’t believe I ever started eating cooked food again… my smoothies are greener than green and it’s basically broccoli, leaves, avocado, cucumber, citrus and oils. I’m doing intermittent fasting and really enjoy my meals.. I’m considering adding the occasional fruit smoothie for sake of variety.

Yes sugar is acid. .
But meat and animal products are more persistent acids. I’d say for someone who wants to stay raw and plant based that perhaps the more food options available the better.. especially someone like myself who can’t seem to eat tomato garlic onion or spices.. all the things which make the alkaline diet enjoyable!

If you’re going to eat sugar..
So to recap I think if a person is going to eat sugar.. it needs to be in the context of a healthy and cleansed and alkaline body, not as part of a diet containing animal products and not eaten in combination with fats.. eating fruit 30 mins before a meal is bad advice. The fruit may have left the stomach however the sugar will still be in the bloodstream and will interact with the fats causing issues.

Also when looking at research about sugar and fats, bear in mind the subjects would be average people full of mucus pus parasites and acidity from animal products.. we can only really know the truth when we test healthy people using food eaten in the right context.

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