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Thank you Glynn!

main_publisherWe LOVE to receive feedback from our happy clients.

“I have had IBS troubles for about the last 8 years due to work related stress and poor diet.  Things got worse when my digestion started to shut down.  I discovered that a lack of digestive juices can result from an overly acidic body and so I decided to buy an Ultrastream filter to help alkalise my system beside the other good things it does.  The Alkaway Team also provided me with helpful advice on digestion and diet.

After only 3 months there has been significant improvement in my IBS and sense of wellbeing.  Thank you Alkaway.”

Please pass on my regards to Ian and Cassie.

 Thanks Again,

Glynn Korrel

Please note this story does not imply or recommend that UltraStream water will have a therapeutic effect for you. Everyone is an individual and as such individual results will vary. We always recommend you consult with a registered medical practitioner before taking on any change to your existing health regimen.


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