The Price of a water filter

Here at HQ Steve has been showing up every day and fielding calls from everyone who rings AlkaWay. He’s passed his six month training period so he’s a team member.
Today he talked about something he has discovered in talking to so many potential and present customers.

“There are basically two types of people. The ones interested in health, and the ones interested in price”.

He went on to talk about how he felt.

“When I get a new oil filter or air filter for my car every six months I never even question the cost.
How come? It costs me more to make sure my car’s oil and air are clean than it costs me to make sure 70% of my body is clean… “

Steve has a good point.
We bring to bear different judgements to different scenarios presented to us. Yet when you line up the health of your car against the health of your body.. there’s really no comparison, is there?

We have been guilty of the same flawed logic in the past. We have sourced filtration media from places er.. not in America. Yes it was cheaper, but we paid the price when a thousand filters were delivered and NONE of them worked. When we went to America to arrange manufacture of the UltraStream we had come to the conclusion that America is still far, far ahead of the rest of the world in filter technology, and so we were happy to be able to hand over selection of media for the UltraStream to our US engineer.

We simply said “Hang the expense. Here’s what we want removed from the water. Find us the very best NSF approved media.”

Six thousand UltraStreams later, we are still glad we moved out of that scarcity mindset into giving and being the very best we could.

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