What I’ve Learned in 18 years of Listening to People Like You

Those of you who know me will have already witnessed my ability to change my mind. Over our 18 years with AlkaWay we’ve faced rapidly changing health concepts: alkalinity, veganism, paleo, keto, molecular hydrogen… and we HAVE changed not to sell more stuff but as new truths are revealed, a new approach is called for.

And change IMHO is the one thing that keeps us alive.

This week Cassie and I took part in the filming of a segment for a new TV series. I’m contracted to NOT tell you what it is – but I can say that we were ‘grilled by a panel including a scientist, a general practitioner, and Australia’s best brain surgeon, Dr. Charlie Teo. The discussion went well.. But what made me feel great was how surprised they all were at my age.

They commented that we were both alive, vital and taking the proactive approach to our personal health.

I am SO grateful for my health – and I am so grateful for having someone in my life who has supported me in my journey. I’m going to share our little health secret.

My dear old Dad ended up in a nursing home. Visiting him and seeing what he had to endure shocked me to the core.
I could say it has been my core fear for the last two decades.

So when Cassie said to me (20 years ago) that if I ignored my health, and I degenerated as a result of that ‘strategy’, she would put me in a  nursing home, she absolutely terrified me.

And from that day on, I listened to her.

She’s a wonderful health researcher. She ‘goes with her gut’, and she loves me unconditionally. Why wouldn’t Icare for myself, listen to my body and respond? She stays happy, I stay healthy.

I think I can say that Im a pretty typical man.

Men, I have come to understand, are both shortsighted about their personal health, and also – underneath this shortsighted intentional ignorance, scared to death of pain and death.
We’ve observed hundreds of couples come to see what we have here at AlkaWay. The woman asking the important questions while the man stands back, gruff, skeptical, with arms folded.

So I’ve been lucky enough to observe myself as the man in these encounters, which confirmed to me that we, as a sex, are pretty dumb about our health and that doing nothing is our default reaction to any health fear.

Cancer signs, heart signs, plumbing signs, obesity signs.. They are all either ignored or stored away out of sight as the man defiantly continues his great provider/hunter chosen archetypical role.

This brings me to the real subject of this letter.
I’ve been receiving more and more inquiries into the deeper meanings of our recommended health strategy; alkaline diet and molecular hydrogen. (Not surprisingly, it’s usually women doing the asking!) This signifies to me a maturation in the way many of us are taking our power back from the old way: going to the doctor and asking for a pill to instantly fix what we’ve been ignoring for twenty years.

It’s a good thing, and I honour those people because they are finding the time, and therefore the value of really knowing that what they are doing to remain healthy, happy and vital has sufficient worth.

But here’s my dilemma.
I can answer these people’s questions but my summary experience has really come to the point where I believe that nothing ever works for everyone. Dr. Teo and I had a robust discussion about his need for a two million dollar double blind study to be able to recommend anything and my belief that the internet is opening up a new (less formal and less expensive) source of data. He agreed that any scientific study is only true until it is disproven and that all studies are very often subject to the problems of subjects lying about their adherence to the protocol.

I pointed out that our Alzheimers’ video in Youtube, with 387,000 viewers is a treasure trove of people who have commented about how the video has helped them and their loved ones back to health – and yet data sources like this are intentionally ignored by establishment science.

I’m not saying either approach is perfect. What I’m saying is that both approaches are flawed because we can never absolutely verify the cleanliness of the collected data and we can never account for the simple fact that what works for one person doesn’t work for another.

I’m sure that if you agree with this, you can see the dilemma I have in making the sort of blanket statements of if you do X then Y will inevitably and conclusively happen.

These days, more and more I’m simply saying that this has been my experience; yours may be different. Yes the science of molecular hydrogen, in particular, is compelling, with 1000+ studies and loads of anecdotal evidence. But to say it will help everyone goes against what I have learned.

There’s another “problem”.
If we want to sell lots of H2 tablets we would isolate a common problem – say, common cold – and guarantee it will cure it in one day. Or any other ailment could be used equally effectively. Why? People – you and me – are programmed into the belief that if you take a pill it will fix a symptom. We’d just tell you what you want to hear. This belief has been instilled by Big Pharma precisely because it sells product, yet it’s simply not true – even though we continue to buy supplements like Pavlov’s dog.

Having now consumed high levels of molecular hydrogen every day for the last three years, I think I can say that for me, it’s a totally different way of supporting my health. It’s such a broad spectrum method, with reported effects in so many areas, including cellular communication, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, anti-apoptosis… but it doesn’t seem to work at the symptom level.’’
It works to support my natural and powerful inbuilt functions.
It helps my body work better, rather than scattergun symptom hunting like most drugs.

How do I know? Simple. By stopping taking my H2 for a week and seeing how I feel.

I said earlier how good it was to hear a top medico compliment me for my age and energy. I attribute it to (as I also said earlier) my wonderful partner, Cassie, but also to molecular hydrogen. I honestly believe that it’s the most natural of all the natural supplements. It was there at the beginning of life. It was the catalyst that created life from carbon. Our bodies know it because it’s what we were made of!
So when I see ads for natural skin care or natural superfoods, I have a little laugh. It reminds me of Crocodile Dundee.

That’s not a knife”THIS is a knife!

Hydrogen is our original ‘natural’’ health strategy!

So.. that’s not natural.
THIS is natural!

Now here’s the take away. (Yes, I know it was a long time coming!)

You are an individual. Your ability to create your own health is higher than ever in history. You have the tools, the knowledge and the technologies. Research, evaluate, cross check and listen for what sounds right to you. When you decide to do something, do it completely. Don’t try it and expect effects the next day. Give your own natural health technology inside of you a chance to prove itself.

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