AlkaWay Distributor Opportunities

Opportunity to Partner with AlkaWay.

AlkaWay is one of the world’s leading alkalizing water filter companies.  Founded in 2000, AlkaWay specializes in alkalizing water and diet.  Our water filters systems are designed to purify, alkalize, ionize and infuses the water with beneficial molecular hydrogen.

AlkaWay is passionate about helping others to follow a healthy lifestyle.  If your passions are in line with ours, then there may be an opportunity for us to work together.

We only work with people with a shared passion for helping others help themselves. Our best distributors have excelled in their own business enterprises by applying their passions to their business. As do we.

As an approved AlkaWay distributor you’ll have access to:

  • The UltraStream, water filtration system + hydrogen product range
  • New products already in development or already sold
  • Your choice of level of involvement
  • Low initial purchases aimed at developing a sound, ethical income
  • Comprehensive sales and marketing support material
  • Website and e-commerce support
  • Industry best product support
  • And much more…

To apply, complete the questionnaire below and a member of AlkaWay’s business development team will contact you within five business days.

Please enter your email:

1. How did you find AlkaWay? Why are you interested in becoming an AlkaWay distributor?

2. Describe yourself and/or your company. How long in business? Include your main website link.

3. What are your business goals? How do they fit with AlkaWay?

4. Where do you plan to be in ten years’ time?

5. What is your plan to achieve those goals (give examples)?

6. Outline your sales and marketing experience and your approach to selling.

7. Do you have a sales team? If yes, please provide details?

8. Describe your experience with e-commerce and CRM (sales database) systems.

9. What is your background in water filtration and/or health products?

10. What is your understanding of alkaline diet and alkaline water?

11. What is your understanding of molecular hydrogen?

12. What geographical area are you proposing to cover as an AlkaWay distributor?

13. What is your target market and how would you market AlkaWay products to them?

14. We require you to have the capital to launch your local business and order product. Please describe your financial capability to achieve this.

15. Briefly describe why we should choose you as an AlkaWay Distributor?

16. Contact Name

17. Email Address

18. Country

Testimonials from just a few of our business partners

I first got involved with AlkaWay Australia after having a health turn-around from using the UltraStream.

Being an Oregon USA boy, and with my father hiking, fishing, and drinking from fresh mountain spring water, my body’s memory recognized the UltraStream water as something “good.”

I Love the fact the AlkaWay Australia is a business run by people for the most part that has walked, talked and LIVED the Alkaline lifestyle for 17+ years and sold every electronic ionizer on the market before creating UltraStream. I’ve learned to trust their integrity, experience, and support.

Our customers here at AlkaWay USA love the products, trust the support, and constantly let us know how grateful they are for our knowledge and their improved health.

~John Biethan, USA the US Marketing, Sales, and Support site for AlkaWay, Carlsbad, CA 92009

We here at Best Water just love the UltraStream.  After more than 12 years of spearheading the water industry in Canada we are very happy to promote this non-electric ionizer that has a great and powerful filter,  infuses H2 and produces wonderful tasting water.  All of that for a price that is affordable for anyone who has awakened to the many health benefits and goodness of clean, H2 enriched water. Its well thought through design and technology, developed by Alkaway Australia and produced in California makes the UltraStream a trustworthy and reliable product. All our customers who have purchased the UltraStream are happy customers – and so are we, enjoying the fresh wonderful water in our homes and – of course – at work! We consider adding the UltraStream to our product line one of our most successful ventures to date.

Angela Baldinger-Crowley, Best Water Inc.
General Manager

We’ve been distributing the AlkaWay range of products for close on 10 years now. In all of those years of dealings with the team at AlkaWay, they have consistently been welcoming, knowledgeable and most importantly… supportive. The quality outlook they themselves exude runs deep in their flagship product the UltraStream. There’s plenty of good products out there, but what makes a good product “great” is the men and women behind it. That’s where the true integrity of any “great product” begins.  If you have the opportunity, I fully recommend AlkaWay and the UltraStream.

Brett Hayes – Vitality Plus Australia

looked for a company that would be committed to supporting me with well researched and high-quality products. AlkaWay has proven to be an asset on many levels and I feel privileged to be part of an organization that has integrity and an exciting vision for the future.

~Hardo Bottin, Homeopath, Nutritional Microscopist Internal Environmentalist, Hahndorf SA

We have tried various water filters, but nothing like the quality of AlkaWay Water Alkalisers. We’re very impressed with your products and the follow-up service you provide which ultimately supports my patients and my business.

~Dr Andreas Marzini, Naturopathic Physician, Coomera QLD