Hydrogen Studies

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Independent University Laboratory test results carried out over the expected life of the UltraStream, to 3500 litres.

The only water ioniser on the market to undergo ‘life of filter’ testing to ensure uniform performance to end of useful filter life.

 Comparison between UltraStream and SD501 electric water ioniser for hydrogen infusion levels.

UltraStream had 3 x the infused hydrogen levels at normal operating flow rate.

The only natural water ioniser in the world laboratory tested for hydrogen infusion.

100+ studies of alkaline water demonstrating its health properties.

Worldwide scientific meta-study.

https://www.alkaway.com.au/wp-content/uploads/Test-Report-290413_Sept10_2016.pdfEuropean safety certification report for the UltraStream.
The only water ioniser in the world safety certified for use in the EU.


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