The ‘Plain and Simple’ Truth About  Making Alkaline Balance Easy.

Food and Supplements


The Alkaline Diet is primarily about choosing the food we eat based on its ability to give us alkaline minerals. We attempt to alter our ‘balance’ of acid and alkaline in your body by adhering to a ratio of 80% ‘alkalizing’ foods and 20% acidifying foods.

Here at AlkaWay HQ we’ve followed the mainstream doctrine of the alkaline diet for 18 years and we’ve had the privilege of working with the best ‘alkaline’ minds on the planet,

It’s certainly true that modern life creates a more ‘acidic / inflammatory / toxic metabolism. No matter where the acid comes from – there’s no doubt, (backed up by Dr Lynda Frassetto and Dr Russell Jaffe’s excellent research), that our lifestyle has unequalled stress and hence, acidity.

It’s also true that the benefits of a balanced alkaline/acid body are numerous, including fewer mood swings and energy slumps, clearer thinking, better immunity, better endurance, better bones, and freedom from the addictions that acidic foods hold over us.
(There are many more benefits we are not permitted to publish here that we have witnessed over the years.)

An alkaline/acid balanced body is really a return to the ‘operating system’ we all had before the change from tribal life to grain. We still have the operating system. All we need do is give it the right ‘fuel!

Make your conversion to an alkaline/acid balanced body easy.

Eat Greens. As many as you can.

Alkaline diet proponents will tell you that greens are the best alkalizers.

We have a better one..

But first, WHY are we alkalizing?

We eat alkaline foods and drink alkaline water to increase our alkaline buffer ~ our inner storehouse of alkaline minerals, our ‘Home Guard’ of the big four alkalis.

Our alkaline buffer is designed to immediately neutralise ingested, inhaled or metabolic acid overload BEFORE it can damage our organs, our circulatory system, our bones, our skin or our heart.

The purpose, therefore, of eating greens is to ‘upload’ a ‘cache’ of these vitally important and hard-to-get minerals.

We’ve taken a natural shortcut, with our own alkaline supplements.
Our naturopath created a basic synergistic formulation of the four big alkalis: magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium in the correct ratios. A flat teaspoon mixed in water per day will do far, far more than what one alkaline advocate once suggested; nine serves of kale per day! It also far outperforms as much high pH water as you can drink.

The alkaline diet does work, But it doesn’t have to be as difficult as many practitioners make it.

We take alkalis in the simplest form. The four alkalis.

So do you need greens?
Yes! dark leafy greens are a storehouse of phytonutrients, minerals and vitamins! They are so good for your health! Nothing else gives you so many vital health-supporting ingredients. And yes, they also alkalize.

Do you need alkaline water?
Yes! A worldwide metastudy of over 100 individual scientific studies came to the overall conclusion that health outcomes and longevity of people drinking hard (alkaline) water were ‘significantly better’.



It’s the core belief here at AlkaWay that weight gain and loss IS about diet, but not about calories and fats.

We all see people switch to zero calorie sodas, smaller portions or low carbs.  And we see short-term results at best.

Our body obviously doesn’t agree with our mind or our eyes.

Every client we have ever had in our last eighteen years of intense consulting has taught us something. In the beginning, we believed it came down to the forgotten secret; our acid/alkaline ratio. Today, we understand there’s more to learn. We now have our own alkaline diet coach, Nutritionist Laura Rimmer and she’s available for your questions.

Keeping balanced: that’s the key.

Laura Rimmer


“I have been taking water that has this amazing ‘molecular hydrogen’ in it for about 2 months.

What have I noticed? ENERGY!
Smooth hydrated skin (no need for a moisturizer)
The biggest difference I have noticed is whilst being on my twice yearly cleanse/detox. With no starch, sugar, fats, etc you are bound to go through headaches, lethargy, low energy etc… but NO! Through giving my body what it needs especially through this time, I am feeling great!! I am so grateful to the brilliance of those who have brought this to the likes of you and I.”


“I had one cataract removed and the lens replaced on Wednesday the 11th of Nov, spent a night with enough pain that I had to take a painkiller, and spent most of the next day sleeping. I had an Ultrastream installed the night before the next week’s operation on the other eye, which was a very different experience. It was almost pain-free, and the next day saw me with so much energy that I not only did a whole pile of chores but even when I lay down for a few minutes, I didn’t look like going to sleep. I don’t know if I can put all the differences down to the alkaline water, but something changed!

I’m looking forward to seeing what else changes in my life with Ultrastream water.”

Kathy Rose, Mullumbimby, NSW Australia

Drinking Alkaline Water

We’ve undergone many years of research to replicate the form of water that every cell in our body is bathed in. That’s alkaline, saline water. The Water of Life.

Some adherents also add negatively ionized water, some even claim it is ‘microclustered’.

With our UltraStream we simply emulate the process of nature. There isn’t one ‘magic ingredient’ in our filter that does all this. It’s the synergy of the elements we’ve chosen that makes UltraStream water so effective and health supportive.

Most of us have never considered that water may be our primary health regulator.

We now know that without sufficient water that our peak zone of health will always elude us. Just like eating more dark leafy greens, the benefits of drinking alkaline hydrogen water are numerous and wide-ranging.

If you’re hydrating with alkaline hydrogen water, you’re neutralizing the acids formed from the carbohydrates even found in the best of dark leafy greens, and you are constantly assisting your body to ‘stay clean’ of cytotoxic reactive oxygen species. (free radicals)

Like a life-giving stream of water, it’s always needed.

“We have been questioned by our doctor about Lisa’s (my wife’s) alkaline blood results and overall health improvements just over 2 weeks on the filter and the Doc has requested info on your water filter.”

So, what is the best way to get Alkaline Water without spending a small fortune on alkaline water in a plastic bottle?

The easiest way is with an Alkaline water filter… one that purifies your water as well as adding essential Alkaline minerals…

The UltraStream is one of the worlds best, Made in the USA and shipped from California USA wide.

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