Water Filter Comparison

Water filters, Water Purifiers, Water Ionizers, Water Alkalizers: how do you know what’s really the best?

Comparing water filters or water purifiers is a bit like running with the bulls.

A lot of people run but few emerge unscathed. Why is this so? Because water filters, or water purification vendors have many, many ways to get you seriously confused and ‘bull-dozed’. They rely on you deciding that it’s not really so important to spend so much time on the computer to learn about humble water filters when your kids want you come outside and play baseball with them.

The water filter business is one of the last old style businesses where it’s ‘what you know vs. what you tell’ that matters.

We say this because we are very proud to be able to say that we are the only alkaline hydrogen producing water filter or water purifier on the market that has ever commissioned a ‘whole of life’ filter test report. We’d estimate that 95% of all water filters on the market have never had a ‘whole of life’ test. This is because such a test quickly reveals the inadequate lasting capability of the water filter. Besides, they know that you don’t know enough to differentiate. It’s like taking you for a test drive in a brand new car then promising it will sound and perform that good every day of its life. It’s hard to blame the vendors.

When it became obvious that most people didn’t do their research, but bought on price alone, in the mistaken belief that ‘all water purifiers are the same’, the big issue became price. As with so many products on the internet, discounting is rife and so the most successful vendor is often the one who can slice the costs of getting his water filter onto the market.

We took a calculated risk when we commissioned our multi-thousand dollar report from a local university test laboratory.

Our ‘risk’ was that our prospective water filter customers thought enough of their own and family health to discriminate between a water filter or water purifier that was VERY much better at what it is supposed to do; filter water! Water filter systems are changing. Would you buy a cassette deck today? Would you buy an old style phone? Would you buy anything that you could see was obviously surpassed in technology? I wouldn’t.

It’s worth a few minutes to learn the value we offer.

 dakotaandDog250px supermarket_water_filter kangenunit reverse-osmosis-RO-water-filtration-System ultrastream_feature_silver

Water Solution

Supermarket Filter

Leading Electric Ionizer

Basic Reverse Osmosis

The UltraStream

Monthly cost – based on 2 years usage and initial cost $14.50 $186.00 $40.00 $29.08
Monthly Cost of filter changes  based on 4 users drinking 4 liters per day $13.00 $12.00 $16.66 $16.66
Installation + operation ease Easy Medium (calcium build up issue) Difficult (plumber highly recommended) Easy
How it works Gravity fed basic carbon filter Electrolysis Reverse Osmosis Advanced filtration plus ionizing and hydrogen production
Generally used for Basic filtration Alkalizing and low-level hydrogen infusion at normal flow rates High-level filtration High-level filtration, alkalization, ionization + hydrogen production
Not so good for Advanced filtration Filtration and water waste Water waste + essential minerals
Chlorine removal Yes, but some not tested to life of filter Yes, but unable to source data on testing to life of filter Yes. Tested to filter life Yes. Tested to filter life
Fluoride removal No Very limited Up to 90% Up to 80%
Pesticide removal Yes, but some  not tested to life of filter Yes, but no data found for testing to life of filter Up to 99.99% Up to 99.99%
Heavy metal removal Minimal Minimal Up to 99% Up to 98%
Alkalizes* No – Down to 6pH (acidic) Yes – Up to 11pH depending on source water No – Down to 5pH (acidic) Yes – Up to 10pH depending on source water
Ionizes* No – Oxidizes Yes – Anti-oxidant Up to -500Mv ORP depending on source water No – Oxidizes Yes – Anti-oxidant Up to -500Mv ORP depending on source water
Hydrogen Infusion* 0.001ppm 0.4ppm 0.001ppm 1.1ppm
Mineral content infusion* No No Removes minerals Yes. Magnesium – up to 2.4 times tap water. Calcium – up to 1.7 times tap water