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Hydrogen-rich mineral misting spray with Vitamin C


Hydrogen Mineral Spray


Hydrogen-rich mineral misting spray with Vitamin C.

Hydrogen water is shown to be very beneficial for UV-induced skin cell damage. The AlkaGlam revitalizes the skin to make it appear more radiant and youthful. It creates a pH balance on your skin. Moisturizing, hydrating and revitalizing dry skin.

AlkaGlam also works as a makeup setting spray.  It is compact, elegant and stylish with an air of sophistication. A must-have for the modern woman.

 Patented Technology, designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, CA, USA.



Harnessing the Power of Water

to produce...

... a Hydrogen-rich, mineralizing mist that gently kisses the skin


Beneficial Hydrogen

Hydrogen water is shown to be very beneficial for UV-induced skin cell damage...


Restorative Power of Hydrogen


Ideal as a makeup setting spray



Saving money is always important.
AlkaGlam is refillable giving you up to one year of use.
You will be saving yourself hundreds of dollars…

Alkaglam instructions


So easy to use

Simply just add filtered water to activate the minerals inside the facial spray.

Easy to refill.  Just add filtered water to the bottle which contains hydrogen-rich, antioxidant minerals ready for you to benefit from every day. The minerals in the re-useable bottle last up to 12 months, a whole year.



Michelle Vidal,
Founder and CEO of AlkaGlam inc. presents “AlkaGlam: our Story”

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Revitalizes the skin to make it appear more radiant and youthful. It moisturizes, hydrates and relieves dry skin.

Use daily to revitalize. AlkaGlam is a Hydrogen-rich refillable, mineralizing spray. which lasts for up to one year. Very cost-effective, helps reduce waste …

AlkaGlam is an Animal Cruelty-Free Product.



Tourmaline: We make it into a powder and then turn it into ceramic beads. The mineral tourmaline, which is a mineral known to prevent wrinkles, also produces collagen. Tourmaline is a mineral that releases a small electrical charge when the temperature changes, which is why it is known as a mineral that can combat wrinkles.

Magnesium is a known mineral that helps combats acne. It’s an important chemical that helps our immune system. Our bones are made up of magnesium, and over time, our intake of magnesium depletes which is why we should be consuming magnesium and use it topically.

The O-Dobi beads release hydrogen, in Japan it has become the next big thing adance wellness. Hydrogen has been used to relieve different skin conditions. At Shudan University, after a month of bathing in Hydrogen water, patients saw a significant change in their skin issues. 

Read More… Positive effects of Hydrogen-water

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Power of Hydrogen Water

When water runs through the O-Dobi beads, they slowly release the tourmaline, magnesium and calcium that replicate thermal healing waters. Thermal springs have similar minerals that are released due to the water mixing with the minerals and rock. Which is why people see a big difference in how their skin feels when they soak in a thermal spring. Thermal Springs like Lourdes, have been known to have high amounts of Hydrogen, which is why we created an O-Dobi bead that releases hydrogen and slowly dissolves to create an electrical charge.


Recent Study

A recent Japanese study in the Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology tested Japanese patients for three months, bathing in Hydrogen water. They found that after bathing there was a significant amount of reduction in wrinkles and increased the production of collagen.

Read More… US National Library of Medicine Article (PMID:20070900) 

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Patented Technology

We use a mixture made from tourmaline called O-Dobi beads. It consists of a powder extracted from its crystal form. The mineral tourmaline triggers a warming effect to increase the production of new collagen and the contraction of fibers, thus restoring the springiness of your skin. US PATENT # 15247657