Gives Three ways to Easily Consume Health-supportive Molecular Hydrogen.

The latest HydroGenie Model II.

  • Flowrate of 400ml/min to 800ml/min depending on operating temperature,
  • Gas composition is  66.67 Hydrogen, 33.33 Oxygen,
  • 1x Water Infusion attachment,
  • 1x Application Cup,
  • 2x Nasal Cannulas,
  • 1x 1.8m Extension Hose,
  • 1x Electrolyte Packet, and Operation Manual.

No water is supplied with the unit. Use high Quality distilled water.

1 Year Warranty on parts and labour.

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Declare War On Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress is reported to be a key component to much of the illness and disease we suffer. Free oxygen radicals are believed to attack our cells, mitochondria, and DNA, wreaking havoc on your health. Most anti-oxidant supplements do not neutralize free radicals effectively, and many can make the problem worse by creating new oxidants – a chain reaction of re-oxidation. The hydroxyl radical, the most destructive form of radical.

Molecular Hydrogen represents a natural and highly effective natural antioxidant support. Studies indicate it not only supports the production of our natural glutathione antioxidant but specifically targets.  Hydrogen has been studied (over 1000 scientific studies since 2007) and reported to attack and neutralize free radicals by bonding with their oxygen molecules, turning them to water. The HydroGenie produces pure molecular hydrogen and pure oxygen for use through inhalation, drinking water, or direct application. As discussed, Molecular Hydrogen quickly bonds with free radicals creating pure water as a result.

The Hydrogenie is a great investment in your daily regime against the pain, inflammation, and low energy.

Staff Certified by Molecular Hydrogen Institute.





Model No.HydroGenie – Model II
Construction MaterialPlastic – Cream
Productivity400ml – 800ml per minute
Recommended usage30 min max when warm and
60 min Max from cold
Gas ProductionHydrogen – 66.67%
Oxygen – 33.33%
Generation TypeElectrolysis
Water typeHigh-Quality Distilled Water
ElectrolyteLess than 2hrs / day, Clean 12 months
Less than 4hrs / day, Clean 6 months
Less more than 4hrs / day, Clean 3 months
Ambient Temperature10-35°C
Weight (approx. dry)4.6kg
DimensionsH=360mm W=390 D=170mm
TimerYes – Pre-set 1, 5, 10, 15, 30min and Constant-On Mode available
Gas purifying Cups2 Supplied
Accessories1x Water infuser/Ionizer (Bubbler stone), 2x Nasal Cannulas, 1x extension Hose, and 1x External Gas applicator
RemarksMade in USA
Warranty (Conditions apply)1 year Standard (extended to 3 years for $129)


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Weight4.6 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 cm
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