UltraStream Undersink with two FREE I Love H2

UltraStream Undersink with two FREE I Love H2

UltraStream Undersink water filter is tested to remove a LARGE range of modern contaminants in your water. Incorporating the latest advances in water filter technology, UltraStream gives you great-tasting, safe, alkaline, ionized, hydrogen-rich water on tap in your home.

For a limited time get the UltraStream Undersink with x2 FREE I Love H2.  Experience hydrogen-powered health.

UltraStream Undersink Water Filter Benefits:

  • Advanced natural, non-electric water filter;
  • Removes chlorine, VOCs, fluoride, lead, heavy metals and hundreds more contaminants;
  • Turns tap water to great-tasting, alkaline, hydrogen-rich drinking water;
  • Install undersink with stylish brushed nickel vented faucet;
  • Filter capacity is up to 800 Gallons or 12 months;
  • Easy to install Replacement Filter.
  • 3 Year Warranty – conditions apply. View the Warranty page…
  • Manufactured in California, USA.

Included in this bundle offer;

  • x2 FREE bottles of our I Love H2 (Molecular Hydrogen Generating Sports Supplement). Saving $98

UltraStream Benchtop version is also available. View UltraStream Benchtop page

If you use bore or river water (well water) please email us before purchasing.



Get hydrogen healthy with our UltraStream with 2 FREE I Love H2 offer.

For a limited time we are offering the UltraStream with 2 FREE I Love H2 – our most loved hydrogen supplement.

Experience amazing UltraStream drinking water and the added boost of the I Love H2 molecular hydrogen supplement (one tablet a day dissolved in your UltraStream water).

UltraStream Undersink – Advanced Water Filter

Superior Water Filtration

  • Removes:
    • Chlorine and chloramines (ammonia is added to chlorine, to stay in the water longer).
    • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
  • Reduces Heavy Metals:
    • Lead,
    • Aluminum,
    • Iron,
    • Zinc,
    • Copper,
    • and more.
  • Reduces arsenic, pesticides, phosphorous, and halides, etc.
  • Reduces fluoride and,
  • Softens the water.

Filter tested for the life of the filter (12 months or 800 Gallons).

Healthier, Alkaline Water

  • Adds beneficial alkaline minerals to produce Alkaline Water
  • Adds calcium and magnesium and trace minerals
  • Maintains potassium and sodium levels in water
  • pH up to 9 over the 800 gallons (depends on the pH of the input water).

Review the Educational article

Water Ionizer and Antioxidant Producer

  • UltraStream produces better alkaline, ionized, antioxidant, filtered water than electric water ionizers 4x times the price.
  • It is a far simpler and more affordable way to alkalize, ionize and purify drinking water.
  • Gives consistent negative ORP over the life of the filter down to -500mV.
  • Supplies ‘on tap’ antioxidant negative ions in every glass.

Hydrogen-infused filtered water

Review the Educational article

Save money, help the environment

  • Saves you big money – cost is 87c/gallon in the first year, 31c/gallon after that;
  • Save thousands of single-use bottles from going into the environment.

Type of Water Conditions

  • Suitable for town and rain-water tank supplies.
  • If you use bore or river water (including well water) please contact us before purchasing.
  • Flush UltraStream water filter for 20 minutes before use.



  1. These statements above have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or the Therapeutic Goods Authority.
  2. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  3. Please consult a physician or medical practitioner before taking any dietary supplement, especially if pregnant or nursing.

Additional Information

The UltraStream Undersink

1 x UltraStream
1 x Spout
1 x Nickel Plated Vented Faucet with a hole drilling template
1 x Pressure Limiting Valve (PLV)
1 x Water pH Test Kit (Reagent)
1 x Installation and User Manual – Benchtop and Undersink versions

The UltraStream Undersink must be installed with a vented faucet, otherwise, any and all warranty or warranty claims are void.

What you will need;
Apply masking tape over the area to put the hole. Use an electric drill with a metal hole saw bit to drill a 1′ or 1 ¼” hole. Remove all sharp edges before assembling the Faucet. We recommend contacting a stone bench expert for drilling a hole in stone benches. See separate full instructions.

Tech Specification

Installation and Operation Manual

  • Preview or download the UltraStream Manual (PDF).
  • The UltraStream under sink must be installed with a vented faucet, otherwise, any and all warranty or warranty claims are void.
  • Flush filter for 20 minutes before use.

Minimum pressure and optimal water input Temperature:

  • 5 psi (35 kPa).
  • 35-104°F (2-40°C).

Dimensions and Weight:

  • Diameter 5” (130mm), Height 12.8″ (325mm).
  • 8.93 lbs (4.05 kg).

Water input and output pH:

  • Input pH between 6.8 – 7.2.
  • Output up to pH 9. Varies with water input pH.

Water output ORP and Hydrogen infusion:

  • Down to -500mV. Varies with water types.
  • Up to 1.1ppm. Varies with water types, water contact time and flow rate.

Filter life:

  • Flushed filter for 20 minutes before use.
  • 800 Gallons litres or 12 months (can vary depending on water quality).


  • Body and base: ABS FDA Approved and BPA Free plastic.
  • All other plastic parts are BPA Free.
  • Tubing, Linear Low-Density Polyethylene Tubing (LLDPE)


Under-sink Installation

Filter Replacement

Test Reports

View Water Filter Life Test Report

View Hydrogen Infusion Test Results

View European Safety Certification


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