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20+ YEARS Water Specialists

Safer, healthier water for your family - simple

AlkaWay's next-generation naturally purified water filtration systems protecting you and your family.

Made in USA

Proudly made in the USA and shipped from California

Removes 99.99%

Chlorine, Lead, Chloramines, Arsenic, VOC's. Up to 75% Fluoride reduction

Cost effective

Only 87c a gallon for first 12 months then drops to 31c on your 1st filter change

Long life

Tested for the Life of the Filter - 800 Gallons or 12 months

Natural Alkaline, H2-rich water that is better for you

Natural alkaline water is water with essential dissolved alkaline minerals – better for your health and wellbeing. The UltraStream water filter makes safe, natural alkaline water that is also rich in hydrogen. Studies indicate that the molecular hydrogen may act as a selective antioxidant (reducing oxidative stress).
Hydrogen may also have anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy and anti-apoptotic (cell death) protection properties.

Water Filters

Removes all number of contaminants for safe, great tasting, filtered water.

Alkaline Water

Natural alkaline water made by mimicking nature.

Hydrogen Water

Greater endurance, faster recovery and increased energy levels.

UltraStream - Natural Alkaline Water​

Undersink or Benchtop​

ultrastream undersink


UltraStream Undersink allows for easy installation under your sink. The modern vented faucet dispenses clean, refreshing drinking water in every glass. You won't go back to tap water.

ultrastream benchtop stainless steel 2


Advanced Ultrastream Benchtop water filter system is so simple to use. Easy change filters make maintenance a dream. Safe and great tasting water that your family will love.

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Established in 2000​

AlkaWay has 20+ years in alkaline water filters. Our Water filters are rigidly tested for the life of the filter and constantly improved.

Customer service

We go the extra mile to make sure our customers are happy and satisfied. Our aim is for 100% customer satisfaction. 

4½ - 5 Star Ratings

The satisfaction of AlkaWay customers is our #1 priority which is reflected in our amazing customer product reviews.

Customer Reviews

Verified Customer - 7 April 2021
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Exceptionally happy with my order of Ultrastream plus fluoride replacement filters, 3 years strong and our drinking water couldn’t be better!
Michael Stevenson
Michael Stevenson
Verified Customer - 18 September 2020
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We have been using alkaline water products from Alkaway for 15 years now and the Ultrastream water filter is among the best providing beautiful wet tasty water that we know is safe to drink.
Verified Customer - 03 January 2021
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My Ultrastream water filter is an essential part of my life – I never want to be without the wonderfully healthy, pure, alkaline h20 it provides me! My recent purchase of a replacement cartridge is actually my 3rd one – with my everyday usage of this water filter system, I replace the cartridge every 12 -16 months to ensure it's working properly. It’s just a single person household use for me.
Nanditā Jackson
Nanditā Jackson
Verified Customer - 21 April 2020
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This is a truly excellent product! We are very pleased to have the Ultrastream in our house. The water quality is amazing – our bodies feel well hydrated, healthy and happy! Thank you Ian and team at Alkaway for your research and development of the Ultrastream. We can highly recommend this product – you will be as pleased as we are with it!
Verified Customer - 25 March 2019
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I love it! Water is an essential daily resource needed for life. Why not drink the best and purest water you can get. I highly recommend the Alkaway Ultrastream to everyone. I also purchased the extra fluoride filter. The water is beautiful, I cook with it, drink it cold & in cups of tea. Good stuff!