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Hydrogen Water

Over 300+ published studies and 1000+ scientific articles

Hydrogen Water:

Why Drink it

Hydrogen water still unknown by most of us in the West, it’s produced every day in your gut, and it is known as an inert element. So… why drink hydrogen-rich water?

Although the research in Hydrogen water is early stages, the 1000+ scientific articles suggest that ingesting or inhaled Hydrogen (H2) has therapeutic potential in over 170 different human and animal disease models, and essentially every organ of the human body.

For more information on these studies visit the Molecular Hydrogen Institute website

The UltraStream:

Hydrogen Water

In the form created by the UltraStream, Molecular Hydrogen (H2) or diatomic Hydrogen is a harmless, tasteless, odorless, inert gas infused at nano-level in UltraStream water.

Selective Antioxidant: Studies indicate that Hydrogen may reduce oxidative stress and improve redox homeostasis partly mediated via the Nrf2 pathway, which regulates levels of glutathione, superoxide dismutase, catalase, etc.

Anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, and anti-apoptotic: Studies indicate H2, like other gaseous signaling molecules (e.g. NO, CO, H2S), may modulate signal transduction, protein phosphorylation, and gene expression, which provides its anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, and anti-apoptotic protective effects.

You can access and enjoy:

Benefits of Hydrogen Water

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Hydrogen Water Benefits:

For Athletes

The ability of molecular Hydrogen to give Athletes greater endurance, faster recovery, and extended performance is now an accepted fact.

Hydrogen Water Benefits :

And Your Health

Over 300+ published studies and 1000+ scientific articles​.

For more information on these studies visit the Molecular Hydrogen Institute website

Hydrogen Water:

For Everyday Life

The ability of molecular Hydrogen to give greater endurance, faster recovery, and extended performance also extends into non-athletic life.

Alternate Delivery Methods:

Hydrogen Sources

Hydrogen water is not the only way to get Molecular Hydrogen. Here are some other ways.

Perhaps the simplest way of producing Molecular Hydrogen (H2) via pure magnesium. When immersed in water, magnesium reacts to create Molecular Hydrogen.

We’ve employed this simple method in the UltraStream. We’ve been lucky enough to source a Japanese magnesium-based slow-release media known as O-Dobi, which is used exclusively in the UltraStream water filter.

O-Dobi acts on the water in the filter continuously, recharging it with Hydrogen even when the filter is not being used. At the same time, the calcium in the filter works synergistically with the O-Dobi to create Alkaline Water naturally.

The great advantage of this method is that you access ultra-purified water at the same time as it is infused with Molecular Hydrogen. 24/7.

At less than a dollar a day.

H2 may also be inhaled. Inhalation is usually performed using either of two methods.

Brown’s gas: Hydrogen (H2) is produced in a mixture of Oxygen (33%) and Hydrogen (66%). The device, about the size of a desktop computer, uses distilled water and caustic soda to produce the gas mix. The user uses a cannula to breathe it or various attachments to allow it to be used for direct to skin application.

PEM/SPE technology: A newer technique is called the proton Exchange membrane. This method uses a similar-sized (or smaller) device and produces pure Hydrogen.

Recent developments mean that Molecular Hydrogen may be produced using a tablet in water. The tablet dissolves, releasing Molecular Hydrogen. The normal method is to dissolve the tablet in a glass of water, then drink the water. AlkaWay pioneered this method, and recommend it as a low-cost starting point on your own Hydrogen journey.

There are a number of products on the market that promise to produce sufficient Hydrogen from a device in a bath. 

At this time we do not see them as a viable alternative to other methods.

There are a number of companies now providing canned or aluminum sachet packed Hydrogen (H2) water. At this time availability is limited due to lack of distribution. With freight, costs are still prohibitive.

Delivery Methods:

Which is best

Everyone is different and we can all benefit from these methods. choosing the right one for you and your family is the key.

Although drinking Hydrogen-rich water doesn’t provide as many Hydrogen-molecules to the body as other methods, it is accepted as the easiest – and a very effective approach. 

Among the 300+ studies, you will find Hydrogen water only examples where the only method of administration of Hydrogen was via water, with exciting positive results.

One concept still being studied is whether intermittent Hydrogen administration is better than longer periods. Indications are that longer period methods. e.g. inhalation may allow the body to achieve homeostasis, thus canceling any beneficial effects.  (Too much of a good thing!)

Intermittent intake also indicated that it may allow gastric induction of ghrelin, which is mediated via activation of beta 1 adrenergic receptors.

For most people, the idea of receiving molecular hydrogen in pure water is simply the most attractive, most convenient and simplest way to access the benefits of Hydrogen.

In practical terms, water infused with Molecular Hydrogen is the most economical way to access Hydrogen, costing a  family less than $1 per day.

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As discussed earlier, there are two methods of inhalation. 

HHO Devices
These outputs are a mix of Oxygen and Hydrogen. They are usually around the size of a desktop computer. They allow the O2 and H2 mix to be inhaled via a cannula, infused into the skin, or bubbles through water which is then drunk.

PEM/SPE Pure Hydrogen Devices
Using newer technology, these devices output pure Hydrogen gas (H2), which may also be inhaled, infused or bubbled through water. They vary in size down to very small. Output reduces with size.

Both units are very low maintenance compared with electrolysis water devices and have basically almost no run cost. They compare very favorably with electric water ionizers in efficiency, cost, and environmental impact.

Ways to get it:

  1. UltraStream water filter. Available as a benchtop or under-sink version.
  2. Portable Hydrogen Pod. Using PEM/SPE technology, the Hydrogen Pod infuses approximately 350ml of water with Hydrogen anywhere, any time.
  3. Dissoluble Hydrogen Tablets
    Drop one tablet into a glass of water and drink. An excellent way to test out the effectiveness of Hydrogen for your needs.
  4. Canned Hydrogen water
    A number of companies are now selling cans of water with infused Hydrogen. Probably the most expensive way to access Hydrogen. 
    Water should be water!
  5. Hydrogen from an electric water ionizer.
    Although water ionizers have been sold for about 20 years, they were designed to create a form of unbuffered Alkaline Water. They were not designed to create Molecular Hydrogen. (Early manufacturers actively tried to modify the ionizers to prevent Hydrogen production!)
    1. Modern water ionizers still have the problem of low-level output of Hydrogen for a high initial cost, plus the problem of accretion of sediment on their internal plates (the heart of the ionizing chamber) This accretion seriously affects Hydrogen production and requires a deep cleanse of the units every 14 days to maintain their maximum Hydrogen ability. This 20-minute procedure uses and wastes large amounts of water.
    2. In independent testing of the most sold electric water ionizer, it was found that UltraStream produces more than 4 x the Hydrogen of the electric device.

Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or the Therapeutic Goods Authority. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. For this reason, we make no therapeutic or medical claims.


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