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The alkaline water and hydrogen water specialists serving the world for two decades.

Twenty years of supplying people like you – around the world – means we know a few things about how to take control of your health via alkalizing – and now, molecular hydrogen.

Twenty years also tells you that we know how to stay around: to be there for our tens of thousands of loyal customers who need a company they can rely on.

Our flagship UltraStream water filter, ionizer, alkalizer, and hydrogen generator occupies a place in the market for people who are overspending crazy amounts of money to get healthy, supercharged alkaline water.

Read on and learn

So much more than a simple filter ... All at a very reasonable price!

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Unsurpassed, fully tested filtration that lasts longer and removes more!

Measurable savings over electric water alkalizers - with better results

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Proudly made in the USA and shipped from California. Because it matters!


“Our country has become unhealthy. Lifestyle changes need to be made. An important aspect is drinking the right fluids. Our cells are made of 99% water, so don’t you want the best water there is? The research on Molecular Hydrogen is in, and its benefits are numerous. From weight loss, improving cholesterol, being a selective anti-oxidant and even sports supplement for increased performance; The UltraStream gives you it all… and at an affordable price.”
Dr. Leonard Morneau, MD, PGY-2
“We have an UltraStream and LOVE it.”
Gigi Field, UK
We have been questioned by our doctor about Lisa’s (my wife’s) alkaline blood results and overall health improvements just over 2 weeks on the filter and the Dr has requested info on your water filter which we gave the info from Alkaway that was sent to us with our order. So are interested to see her answers which we seem to think she (the Dr) will become one of your clients, yeah!
Darrin, Sydney Aus