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Alkaline Diet Restrospective. Is it just about going vegetarian?

Alkaline Diet Restrospective. Is it just about going vegetarian?
Cassie Bond and Ian Blair Hamilton Founders, AlkaWay

Cassie and I have been following the principles of the alkaline diet for 20 years now. I attribute my present great health to the simple fact that although we’ve strayed at times (Think: French Patisseries!) we’ve always kept up the basic principles by eating as many dark leafy greens as possible and supplementing with our own Greens Powder, H2 tablets and Alkaline Booster. (and, naturally, drinking alkaline water!)

No, we don’t believe you have to be vegan to be alkaline, as some people suggest.

And no, we see no conflict between our principles and the principles of the Keto diet, which we have also followed as best we can for some years. Cassie even had her own Alkaline Keto Diet blog.

But I have to wonder about diets in general.
I have been watching the rise of the Carnivore, or PKD diet, where people only eat meat. There’s a doctor in Hungary who has been advising this diet for some years and has recorded some amazing results over 10,000 patients.

The philosophy behind this form of diet comes from the theory that we began our food journey with meat, hunted caught and eaten, (as advocates of this diet say), nose to tail.

The theory continues:
As we became growers of food, we added foods to a metabolism that had survived for eons on nothing but meat (and the occasional fruit – if in season).

So the dominant heritage of our ancestors is, they suggest, a metabolism that really is still designed for a meat diet.

Yes, yes, I know! I was a vego for 14 years. Ethics, right? And meat is bad, right? Fat too.

But let’s just let the concepts go for a brief while.

If we are still designed to eat meat, how could we prove it?
Obviously and only – by only eating meat, and observing the result! And the way I see it.. If we did that, we would, for the first time in our modern day lives, observe what effect other dietary choices have had on us.

By going back to the one thing our body relied upon and built itself to utilise, we might see and understand which food were causing that IBS, or that ache in the belly you’ve had for years.. Or that inability to either gain weight – or lose weight!

We would be, in a way, fasting – but still eating the only food our body really is designed for.

We know that fasting does often unearth answers to diet-related health problems, so this would, I suppose, be a sort of a long fast.

The Hungarian doctor is very convincing. She says that the result of a fibre and carb based diet is gut permeability problems. And gut permeability problems, she says, explain almost all of the health problems of modern man.

Now.. I guess you are asking, what has this to do with alkaline diet? I downloaded a letter Dr Zsofia Clemens wrote to a Keto diet doctor, Lauren Cordain. In it she talked about alkaline balance.
I’m going to give her comments to you as a download because the team here say I already write too much. Also because they just might blow away your concepts of alkaline diet.
It’s worth a read! Here it is.

On the same subject this video of Dr Annette Bosworth really shakes up the idea that all forms of treatment for major diseases need a a serious shakeup. VERY worthwhile watching if you have a loved one in need. Her discussion of cholesterol is worth the wait and watch.


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