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Can Your New UltraStream Water Filter Help You Achieve Your Goals? cover

Can Your New UltraStream Water Filter Help You Achieve Your Goals?

How drinking water can help you to achieve impossible goals.

I love water, but throughout my lifetime have rarely been thirsty.

It's a concerning issue because my thirst reflex doesn't activate even when I'm working out and sweating or consuming something with high salt content.

I know, sounds pretty strange. But that’s how it’s been since high school when i guzzled Coke rather than drink from the school drinking fountains. (Yes, me teeth definitely paid the price!)

I’m informed that this should be an over-50’s problem, but I have the ‘advantage’ of age to be able to see all the way back.

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I have been in the water business for 23 years, so yes, I am aware that water is beneficial for my body and yes, I should consume more of it. When I don’t drink enough, my body displays evident indications of dehydration, such as dry skin, chapped lips, dark yellow urine, and a parched mouth.

Drinking water has proven to be an effective remedy in preventing my headaches from worsening. It also helps in reducing the bloating of my stomach, making it feel better. Moreover, it leaves my mouth feeling refreshed.

So… why can’t I get myself to just drink enough without even thinking about the problems of dehydration?

The same reason I didn’t study in school. Or exercise enough. Or work ‘til I dropped.

I didn’t want to.

It's a common predicament we've all encountered, particularly when our aspirations surpass our inherent capabilities. However, with the hindsight of seventy plus years, I have resigned myself to the fact that I can’t truly attain my deepest desires without pushing the boundaries of my ‘comfort zone’ instincts.

“Hard does not mean impossible It only means hard.. and it also means DO IT!”

It’s a process.
All processes have an emotional cost and most worthwhile processes don’t immediately hand us results. But without process and continuity…

So what does good hydration from really, really good water mean to me?

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Looking at friends of similar age and wondering why they look so bad and I look so good.

Sleeping like a baby.
Still feeling ‘juiced’ after so many years.
Skin of a … fifty year old!
Climbing Cape Byron four times a week.

How did I do it? I decided to do it and I remembered that I had decided.
Memory is the first casualty when comfort and resistance arises.

I failed every New Year’s resolution or promise that I ever made to myself. I kept my plans vague. Even better, I didn’t make a plan.

Here’s the’trick’ to achieving adequate hydration. It’s nothing you’ve not heard before but it’s one of those basic things we ignore.. because it works!

No, I didn’t commit to drinking more water.
I committed to drinking two litres a day.

Now I had a commitment to a goal that was ‘in my face’ every day. And every day I had my lazy self shouting. “Yes, but.. but.. but!”

That first month exposed my demons. They were out there in front of me, dancing their seductive dance. And I knew that if I could do 30 days.. I wouldn’t have just changed my hydration level.

I would have changed who and what I think I am.

After reaching the first milestone, I experienced a wave of satisfaction, akin to the feeling of a person embarking on their very first visit to the gym. It may not feel pleasant while you're working towards success, but once you accomplish your initial objective, you'll be infused with newfound motivation to strive for the next!

Lesson One

Slice ‘n’ dice seemingly impossible goals into ‘possible’ steps. Do a little. But don’t do nothing.

Get it out of your head

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There are so many ways my unhydrated self tried to stop me. It would hide my glass. It would get a friend to offer me a social drink. It would make me question the taste of my luscious water. It would ridicule the fact that I invested ‘so much money’ in my Ultrastream. You’d better believe it! It can alter reality to prevent you. It’s an all-out contest in that first month.

Sometimes I’d simply forget to drink. Forgetfulness, one spiritual text said, is the final defence of the ego.

Secret Weapon #1 My Stainless Steel Water bottle.

A water bottle isn’t a status symbol you carry at the gym – er.. well, it might be to some.. but for me, it was a constant physical reminder to hydrate regularly in two ways. Firstly its presence said “Drink Me!” and secondly, the weight of the water I hadn’t yet drunk informed me that my hydration wasn’t over for the day. I chose a stainless steel bottle with stainless sealing lid because I knew that the molecular hydrogen my UltraStream had infused into my purified water would remain in the water. A plastic bottle would ‘leak’ H2 almost immediately.

(Molecular hydrogen is the smallest molecule in the known universe and will easily pass through almost everything. That’s why it’s so effective at penetrating every part of the body, including the blood-brain barrier.)

My shiny new friend made it MUCH more easier for me to remember to drink. I could carry this water bottle to practically anywhere — to coffee shops, to the airport, to the gym.

The best part is knowing exactly how many fluid ounces of liquid it held. I could mentally cross off that amount when I emptied my bottle.

Maintain a steadfast focus on your goals, successes, and the continuous pursuit of self-improvement. The key lies in cultivating habitual behaviors by utilizing visual cues as a powerful tool.

Treatie Time! You earned it!

Developing positive habits and maintaining persistence towards your goals can be quite challenging. That's why I've made it a weekly ritual to reward my unwavering efforts. What do you enjoy that doesn’t negatively affect your health? A long walk on the beach with a loved one? Great! Do it! (Er.. you probably should’ve been doing it anyway!)

Rewards motivate you to push yourself harder. And hydration begins to support more hydration because your mind gets clearer.

And.. that’s pretty much it!

3 simple things to get myself to drink water, to achieve the impossible, and.. hey! Have you noticed anything about your libido?

I thought so!

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