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Heavy metals with your steak, Sir? cover

Heavy metals with your steak, Sir?

Our mind plays some interesting tricks on us to make sure we THINK we are safe.

Consider this:

Scene 1:
You are at your favourite restaurant. You order your favourite mains and the waiter says:
Sir, due to our new ‘honest food policy, I am obliged to inform you that your Steak Bernaise has certain ingredients you may not be aware of. Your steak may have the following: lead, other heavy metals, plastic particles, chlorine, chloramines, fluoride, polyfluoroalkyls and er.. maybe some viruses …

How would you react?
I know how I’d react, especially if I had brought someone special I was trying to impress.

”What will she think of me?” I’d be thinking, “..if she sees me order her a poisonous steak?”

Now.. here’s where things get a bit crazy. Where our minds work one way in this situation, but another way in a different situation.

Scene 2
My ‘date’ has come to my home. It’s a warm day and we’ve just been for a brisk walk.

”A glass of water?” I ask.

Yes please! she replies. “As long as it doesn’t have any lead, other heavy metals, plastic particles, chlorine, chloramines, fluoride, polyfluoroalkyls, and please! No viruses!

I look at my kitchen tap.. and I wonder.

Yes, it’s a virtual certainty that our tap water contains all of these toxins and a host more, and yet for some illogical reason, we think it’s OK to drink it. Even when many of these contaminants are known carcinogens and some are also known as ‘forever chemicals’, meaning they will never leave your body, accumulating every time you take another glass.

Over our two decaded of supplying our own design water filters, we’ve constantly seen this illogicality appear. We wouldn’t pay $50 for a steak bernaise if we were told it contained these toxins, but every day we take the decision (or intentionally ignore the decision) to drink seriously contaminated water. And when we contemplate buying a water filter, we try to buy the cheapest we can find because.. why?

I don’t get it. A cheap water filter won’t remove all of those cumulative nasties. Only filtration technology designed specifically to remove these modern and very nasty contaminants will do the job, and they don’t come cheap.

To take two examples of the technology we use in our UltraStream water filter, the media that removes heavy metals is called KDF. It’s patented and the most expensive media we can buy. BUT it works.

The media we use to remove bacteria, viruses, parasites without slowing the flow of the filter was developed by NASA for the space program. It’s called Virus Guardian and no, you won’t find it in the local big box store.

I do question why I am prepared to pay a small fortune for a steak, with no knowledge of what contaminants the meat may contain, but play it cheap when I am trying to improve my drinking water – something that actually supports my life.
Something that I am mostly.
Something that lubricates, energises, carries data, transfers energy, and supports every cellular function in my body.

Water. It deserves more.

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