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Our Story: Alzheimers

Our Story: Alzheimers

I’m adding this video because many people have asked me to. It’s over 9 years since my panic about Alzheimer's and I can happily report I’m as sharp as a tack!

Ian and Cassie 9 years ago

Many people still ask me if I am still an advocate of coconut oil and the answer is a resounding yes!

However time teaches, and it led Cassie and I to the real reason that coco oil worked.
Our first understanding was that it was the medium-chain triglycerides in the coco oil. True, and we’ve seen this product appearing even in our local supermarket. But there was a secret within that secret, and it was Dr Mary Newport who spilled the beans. She talked about the MCT’s having ketones, and that ketones are the food of the brain, rather than what most of our brains feed on – which is glucose!

Why is this important?
Because it relates to the whole diet question and the story that 100,000 years ago we were all in ketosis because we didn't have the massive exposure to carbs and sugars we now have. Dr Newport talked about Dr Veitch, a pioneer researcher who finally isolated the ketone ester, the powerhouse pure ketones that are our real and original and natural brain food.

We had something of a journey.
First, we decided to go keto diet. This was successful in terms of breaking our sugar/carbs addiction, but frankly, it was tough, given the multitudinous sweet temptations we accept in our daily lives. Then we tried ketone salts, which purported to feed us ketones, and which had basically no effect on me. Finally, we imported Dr Veitch’s eventual product, pure ketone Esters.

I’ll be honest.
We imported them because I wanted them, and importing them meant I got them wholesale. Unfortunately, the AU $ sank like a stone and the cost of importing them increased accordingly. The product is expensive, but dang! It works. These days we sell heaps of them to athletes – many of whom combine them with H2 water. What are they called? HVMN

We make basically nothing on them, by the way. They are expensive.

But I’m glad I did chase them up – because the people who searched for them and discovered us are showing me that it works for them too by re-ordering – often.

A follow-up video in 2018.
So many people kept asking if it worked, I did a follow-up video. Here it is.

Here are just a few of the feedback comments we’ve received on the Ketone Esters:

Helps my hormonal migraine in 20mins rather than waiting several days to get into ketosis just through diet.
-Rachel B.

Awesome product to me during the fasting for 3 days on hydrogen and Alkaline water + Ketone with it. It’s just amazing…
Mind gets clear and sleepy condition goes away. Meditations are very deep and the body is full of energy and very light.
-Alex Lovets

Mum has Alzheimers and we can notice a considerable difference since using this product.
-Becky R.

These are as good as they say. I’m looking forward to a time when the price reduces to that of sugar.
-Judy O.

Ian: I’d love your comments!