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Want the real info on Molecular hydrogen as a therapy? You got it!

Want the real info on Molecular hydrogen as a therapy? You got it!

Tyler LeBaron IS molecular Hydrogen. It must be six years before I ‘discovered’ him.

He was on a facebook group talking about electric water ionizers and the fact that alkalinity wasn’t what gave us the benefit of the water they produced. He was facing serious opposition from people invested in the idea they had been sold on by their upline MLM-er.

The general sales pitch of these systems was that alkaline water was what gave the many benefits they claimed. There was a hint of the Wild West in many of the claims made – as is always the case when amateur salespeople are told they can make a thousand dollars by telling a story. Cancer cures were often mentioned plus everything else one could imagine.

But never any mention of molecular hydrogen.

Tyler, at the time, was only 26 and already a biochemist.

He chose to swim upstream rather than go with the flow downstream, and looked at his MLM water Ionizer with the same scientific attention he would give to a biochemistry assignment. His revelations were not accepted easily by the MLM community. He even had legal threats. But truth does prevail, and even though there are newby MLM sellers out there now extolling the virtues of alkaline water, more and more people are hearing Tyler’s message about this amazing, infinitely small, yet infinitely powerful molecule.

What he discovered changed the industry.
Today you don
’t have to spend $6000 to get molecular hydrogen from a machine not designed for it.

  • Today you can get high H2 in water from a portable water bottle.
  • Today you can drop a pill into water and get massively more H2 than the $6000 water ionizer.
  • Today you can buy a water filter that delivers more H2 than the $6000 unit, filters better, and renews itself with every filter replacement at around one tenth of the price.

I don’t think I am exaggerating to say that all of these developments/advances came about because young Tyler spoke his truth.

At that time he and I would spend ages rapping about H2 on Skype. He was totally inexperienced in getting his message out, and in making people understand that he was actually speaking the truth. I suggested to him that he establish a non-profit website and that he should call it the Molecular Hydrogen Institute.

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AlkaWay Founders Cassie Bond and Ian Hamilton with Tyler LeBaron

He did, and succeeded beyond all expectation. He now has a board of advisors from around the globe, an educational program, and is constantly updating his comprehensive database of studies.

In the last six years we’ve seen the reports and studies on his website balloon in number as the general science community wakes up to the amazing potential of molecular hydrogen, hydrogen water, and hydrogen inhalation.

Tyler has shared this video of a discussion with one of his close associates, Dr Shigeo Ohta, from Japan. If you really want to understand why you should add H2 to your life, set aside the hour it takes to absorb this video.

When you’ve finished you’ll probably want to know much more about the right way – the most economical and most practical way to integrate the benefits of molecular hydrogen into your personal health regimen.

Just search on AlkaWay. We have websites and offices servicing most countries.
And why us?
Because we’ve been into H2 from the start and because we’ve been into water, filtration, water ionizers and molecular hydrogen water for a total of 21 years.

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