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Are you 23% Healthy or...

Are you 23% Healthy or…

Forget about the elections, climate change or Covid! Think about what this means in terms of the health of a nation! TERRIBLE results for USA health conditions.

Happy Customer of the Month

Happy Customer of the Month

(She had us worried for a moment!) Note (as usual) this does not represent what will happen if you use the product. We always recommend you check with your medical practitioner when contemplating any change to your health regimen. The hydrogen water did not do exactly what I expected… Let me explain:I purchased the Hydrogen […]

Our 20/20 Vision

Alkaway is hitting the TWO DECADE mark and our vision is the same as day one

Getting Serious about Hydration.

Getting Serious about Hydration.

If you are around my age.. have a think about this: 39 Million Older adults have experienced negative health issues as a result of not drinking enough.

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