Alkalizing made simple

Alkalizing and Ionizing Sachets:


The simple solution to alkalize your drinking water for better health. AlkaSachets supply a consistent and balanced amount of alkaline minerals in soluble form in your water jug or portable bottle. It’s easy!

  • Safe, convenient and simple to use
  • Adds alkalinity, ionization and antioxidant ‘power’ to your water
  • Alkaline Water improves water flavor absorption. Increase Coffee flavor by adding 1 Sachet to your coffee machine tank.

One AlkaSachet will; 

  • Increase the alkalinity of water by adding a sachet into a 33 fluid oz water jug (1 liter).
  • Raise the pH from 7 to approximately 9 in about an hour.
  • Alkalizes and ionizes water for up to 26.5 gallons (~100 liters).

The convenient six-pack makes up to 160 gallons (~600 liters) of alkaline and ionized water.

Ingredients: Magnesium Oxide (MgO), Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) and Calcium Oxide (CaO) in a Nylon Bag.

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Glass of Alkaline Water


Easy and Simple

It's Easy

AlkaSachet enables you to alkalize for better health… easily, economically and effectively!

Each sachet holds essential water-soluble alkaline minerals that slowly release into your drinking water.

Drop one into your favorite bottle and immediately access the alkaline minerals that your body craves. 

It's Simple

No need to buy a massively expensive electronic water ionizer to get your daily essential alkalizing minerals.  Try the very affordable AlkaSachets. Help improve your health and vitality.

We’ve had people ordering AlkaSachets for many years now. They use them and continue to use them each and every day.

AlkaSachet minerals are approved for safety by NSF, the highest testing authority in the USA.