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Can Molecular Hydrogen help us to age SLOWER?

Can Molecular Hydrogen help us to age SLOWER?

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Ian Blair Hamilton Founder, AlkaWay

At age 74 I have done quite a bit of ageing. And it’s something you don’t get a second chance at. Time flies when you’re having fun but it flies faster as you age.

So if someone told you that drinking water daily could improve aging-related biomarkers, ie, total antioxidant capacity, advanced glycation end products, tumor necrosis factor-α, free fatty acids, and alanine aminotransferase in plasma…

And… that drinking this form of water may also alleviate oxidative stress in the liver, brain, and heart by reducing the levels of lipid peroxidation and malondialdehyde and increasing the activity of superoxide dismutase.

..You’d be interested, right?

Well, this study of mice may be of interest to you. It’s one of those icky studies where mice have things done to them that we wouldn’t do to ourselves.. in this case, premature ageing.

So if you can steel yourself to that aspect of the test, you may be able to read the results that to me at least, hold promise for everyone of an age less than me.

Here’s the study, and here’s where you can learn more about the form of water they were given to get those frankly amazing results.

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