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Chlorine in your Drinking Water: Is a Squeeze of Lemon the Answer?

Chlorine in your Drinking Water: Is a Squeeze of Lemon the Answer?

Some people say you can neutralise a glass of chlorinated water with a squeeze of lemon because it has enough citric acid.

Others say it's also an alkalizer in the body.. so how can it be both?

And are either of these claims true?

Well, the first one is true if a helluva way to remove chlorine from your water. There are shower filters and some water ionizers that use citric acid as the neutralising medium. In the case of the shower filters, they forgot to mention that the acidic output water rusted all their lovely shower fittings. In the case of the #waterionizer.. well it gives them a point of difference.. but given the purpose of a water ionizer is to create #alkalinewater, it seems a mite dumb to be acidifying your input water, doesn't it?

But to have to squeeze a lemon every time you drink a glass of water. Hmm.. Why not install an UltraStream and remove the chlorine, the chloramines, the fluoride, the heavy metals and hundreds of more nasties.. and just DRINK YOUR GLASS OF WATER?

Re the alkalizing effect of lemons.. the theory goes that because we burn up acids in our normal metabolism, the citric acid is quickly used up by the body, while the end product, the alkaline minerals in the lemon, are left to add to your alkaline buffer.

There's a third amazing fact about lemon juice and water from an electric water ionizer. So-Called alkaline water from such devices can have very little alkalizing ability. The water has had electricity passed through it which increases the pH of the water but adds no alkaline minerals. So that a high pH glass of water will be neutralized in an instant by a few drops of lemon juice.

We realised this years ago when we began designing the all-natural alkaline water filter, the UltraStream. Unlike electric systems, it adds alkaline minerals – the big two – magnesium and calcium to the water, thus increasing your inner storehouse of these essentials, helping you to be prepared for the next acid attack of stress, sugary and high carb foods etc… etc… etc…

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