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Coffee and your Mouth. Very Important to Know! cover

Coffee and your Mouth. Very Important to Know!

We only took up coffee again recently after almost 2 years.

My first cup had me zoomin’ for the whole morning. It’s a drug. No-one can tell me different, and like all drugs, it loses impact when you begin to imbibe regularly.

But that’s not what I want to share. I want to share the effects of coffee on the mouth.

I have a good friend who is a dental mechanic. Yes, he makes false teeth. he is literally ‘down in the mouth’ with thousands of customers. And he has become somewhat of an expert in the damage we inflict on our own mouths.

He told me unequivocally that acidic saliva is our worst mouth problem. He discussed many of the modern reasons for this, including using Ice as a drug, and blood pressure medication. He explained that when the saliva becomes more acidic than it should, bacteria fluorish.

And link that with a small laceration in the mouth due to acidic effect and perhaps a little internal chewing (who doesn’t chew inside their mouth!) and the next step is mouth cancer.

That made me sit up and take notice!

So obviously we all need to be aware of this and to take the steps necessary to avoid acids in the mouth.

Back to coffee.
Coffee is acidic. And like all coffee addicts, our on-a-day soon billowed out to two a day, three a day and even some days, four. So our mouths we acidic all day. In Cassie’s case, this set up irritation in her mouth and she began, without thinking about it, chewing on the inside of her mouth. It’s impossible to really say which came first; the acidic or the chewing, but suddenly she remembers what our friend had talked about. and being our longest serving female alkaline expert, she reached for the Alkaline Booster.

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In one day everything changed.
She said her mouth felt better, and she stopped ‘chomping’. The Alkaline booster did what it was designed to do.

Modern life is hard for us to maintain the alkaline balance that is our palaeolithic metabolic template. There are SO many things that acidify us. Foods, drinks, stress, metabolic waste, inflammation… the list is so long that no one misses out.

Yes, you can restore alkaline balance by eating lots.. and lots.. and lots of dark leafy greens and swearing off processed meats, most drinks, sugar and carbs.. some superhumans I know have managed to do this for a few months.. but really, it’s not necessary.

Make it Easy to be balanced
We eat alkaline foods for their alkaline mineral content, so why not simply eat the alkaline minerals our body needs instead? Too simple. Of course we try to eat healthy, eat organic, eat locally sourced foods.. but why completely modify what you eat when alkaline balance can be achieved with a teaspoon a alkaline minerals per day?

Cassie showed me again what a great formulation Alkaline Booster is. Erica, our inhouse naturopath formulated it with the exact proportion of each of the four major alkaline minerals. She also searched for a taste ingredient that wasn’t sugary, and the lemonade plant extract she found gives it a pleasant taste without the sugar hit of most common sweeteners.

product alkaline booster

Here’s the link to Alkaline Booster on our website. While you are there, check the video about why this is our best way to alkalize.

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If you’d like to learn more about it, or if you have special dietary questions, give Tia, our inhouse nutritionist a call or an email now.

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