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Happy Customer of the Month

Happy Customer of the Month

(She had us worried for a moment!)

Note (as usual) this does not represent what will happen if you use the product. We always recommend you check with your medical practitioner when contemplating any change to your health regimen.

The hydrogen water did not do exactly what I expected… Let me explain:
I purchased the Hydrogen Pod by recommendation of a naturopath.
The main reason for the recommendation was the fact that I had to get an operation last year to remove a tumor in my knee.The recommendation from the doc was to stay on the hydrogen water to fight free radical cells which was behind the forming of the tumor in my knee. A few days after starting the regiment of 2 x 400ml H2 water per day I noticed a drastic change in energy levels & stamina.I also experienced a noticeable decrease in migraines which I usually encounter 2-3 times a week. I have not changed my diet and I typically drink a lot of water so the only change was the introduction of H2 water on a daily basis.I am a bit perplexed… Is this supposed to happen? Can the H2 water have that dramatic effect on the body?

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