Millions of Americans Are In Water Debt

Millions of Americans Are In Water Debt

More than 1.5 million households in a dozen major U.S. cities with publicly operated water utilities owe $1.1 billion in past-due water bills, according to a Circle of Blue investigation. Businesses, industries, and other commercial operations in those cities owed another $416 million.

Most Americans give little thought to water bills, paying them on time and in full. But for a subset of homeowners and renters, water debt is constant and menacing.

But.. wait a minute!
OK. Water costs money. That’s a given… but surely the QUALITY of the water is a part of the agreement to supply our water… That’s the corporational side. Then… what about our home ‘responsibility? Do we run water when we don’t need to? Our forefathers knew the value of water and were frugal, but the advertising-driven culture we now live in tells us over.. and over.. and over.. to splash, to drench, to douse ourselves, our gardens… everything. So what would turn around this craziness and restore the true value to our way of thinking?

Here in Australia, a drought helped. It was a bad one and our collective reservoirs, tanks and springs didn't just dry up.. they got to such a state that the contaminants that sank to the bottom were now concentrated in our supply. Nasty.

But what about a home water plan? Do you have one? Have you thought about it seriously? What could you include in your Home water plan?

1. Teach the family
2. Be the example.
3. Filter your water
4. Use a shower water saving head.
5. Drink water, not water replacements.

How’s Your Plumbing? A Common pipe alloy can form a cancer-causing chemical in drinking water.

How’s Your Plumbing? A Common pipe alloy can form a cancer-causing chemical in drinking water.

The rusted interior of this water pipe contains chromium. This reacts with residual water disinfectants to form carcinogenic hexavalent chromium.

A study by engineers at UC Riverside showed that rusted iron pipes can react with residual disinfectants in drinking water distribution systems to produce carcinogenic hexavalent chromium in drinking water.

Chromium is a metal that occurs naturally in the soil and groundwater. Trace amounts of trivalent chromium eventually appear in the drinking water and food supply and until now have been considered safe, with neutral effects on health.

Chromium is often added to iron to make it more resistant to corrosion.

Certain chemical reactions can change chromium atoms into a hexavalent form that creates cancer-causing genetic mutations in cells.

This carcinogenic form of chromium was at the heart of a lawsuit in California's Central Valley by Erin Brockovich, which became the subject of an Oscar-winning movie.

Haizhou Liu, professor of chemical and environmental engineering at the Marlan and Rosemary Bourns College of Engineering who studies water treatment chemistry, had an idea that some of the chromium found in drinking water might come from chemical reactions between water disinfectants and the chromium in cast iron corrosion scales.

Along with doctoral student Cheng Tan and postdoctoral scholar Sumant Avasarala, Liu obtained segments of two pipes that had been in service for about five and 70 years respectively and induced corrosion on portions.

After scraping the rust off, grinding it to a powder, and measuring the amount and types of chromium present, the researchers put the samples in hypochlorous acid, the form of chlorine typically used in municipal drinking water treatment plants and drinking water distribution systems.

Previous experiments had shown that water disinfectants could transform trivalent chromium into toxic hexavalent chromium, but the group was surprised when zerovalent chromium that was detected in the rusted iron pipes transformed more quickly to the toxic form.

They followed up with modelling experiments that showed a range of possibilities for how much hexavalent chromium could come out of the tap under real-world conditions.

The worst-case scenario occurred in drinking water with high bromide levels.

"These new findings change our traditional wisdom on hexavalent chromium control in drinking water and shine a light on the importance of managing the drinking water distribution infrastructure to control toxic substances in tap water," Liu said.

The paper cautions that as the world's water crisis intensifies, recycled and desalinated water— both of which tend to contain higher bromide levels—will become more important, highlighting the need to understand and prevent chromium contamination.

It recommends reduced use of pipes with high levels of chromium alloy and use of a disinfectant less reactive with chromium, such as monochloramine.

More information: Cheng Tan et al, Hexavalent Chromium Release in Drinking Water Distribution Systems: New Insights into Zerovalent Chromium in Iron Corrosion Scales, Environmental Science & Technology (2020). DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.0c03922Journal information:
Environmental Science & TechnologyProvided by University of California – Riverside

Happy Customer of the Month

Happy Customer of the Month

(She had us worried for a moment!)

Note (as usual) this does not represent what will happen if you use the product. We always recommend you check with your medical practitioner when contemplating any change to your health regimen.

The hydrogen water did not do exactly what I expected… Let me explain:
I purchased the Hydrogen Pod by recommendation of a naturopath.
The main reason for the recommendation was the fact that I had to get an operation last year to remove a tumor in my knee.The recommendation from the doc was to stay on the hydrogen water to fight free radical cells which was behind the forming of the tumor in my knee. A few days after starting the regiment of 2 x 400ml H2 water per day I noticed a drastic change in energy levels & stamina.I also experienced a noticeable decrease in migraines which I usually encounter 2-3 times a week. I have not changed my diet and I typically drink a lot of water so the only change was the introduction of H2 water on a daily basis.I am a bit perplexed… Is this supposed to happen? Can the H2 water have that dramatic effect on the body?

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