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Hydrogen-rich water anytime, everywhere

Hydrogen-rich water anytime, everywhere

When you want to have high quality water on-the-go

We all have very busy lives, which can make it hard to stay hydrated with quality water when you are out and about. But our new Qcup Max Hydrogen Water Bottle is making life easier, because you can take it to the gym, to work, on a walk, to the supermarket and basically everywhere you go. The Qcup Max was tested in house, by us, and we believe it is by far the best hydrogen water bottle on the market.

What can hydrogen-rich water do for you?

Research has shown that hydrogen water is one of the best ways to hydrate faster. Drinking 2-3 litres of hydrogen-rich water a day helps to improve energy levels and eliminate toxins from our bodies. Studies also show that hydrogen-rich water may help you recover faster, look younger and aid weight control. An improvement in sleep quality and memory retention has also been recorded when individuals added hydrogen-rich water to their diet.

How it works

When plugged in, the Qcup Max generates up to 3000 parts per million of molecular hydrogen nano-bubbles in one cycle, turning every day tap water turn into hydrogen-rich water, when you need it to.

Latest technology

The Qcup Max has the newest SPE/PEM membrane technology from Japan. Its 9-layer dual-chamber SPE membrane makes the Qcup Max one of the most powerful portable units and ensures that your water will be free of ozone and chlorine gases.

The Qcup Max also comes with 99.99% platinum coated, titanium plates, to ensure durability, safety and conductivity when taking hydrogen water. This means that the water you drink is of a consistently high standard and will continue to produce quality hydrogen water for years. The Qcup Max also comes with a 1-year warranty, allowing you to use with it with confidence throughout your busy life.

Design and durability

The Qcup Max stores hydrogen for four times longer than any other hydrogen bottle on the market. Its bottle and lid are engineered to withstand up to 6kg of pressure – so you can feel confident travelling with it. The Type C USB Quick charging system is compatible with all USB charging docks, allowing you to charge your Qcup Max at the gym, in your car or at work. The Qcup Max fully charges in just 1.5 hours, allowing you to make up to 15 batches of highly concentrated hydrogen water on just one charge. Which means a fast turnaround when you run out. The versatile nature of this bottle allows you to take it with you anywhere, decreasing the need for plastic bottles, allowing you to enjoy high quality sustainable water on the go.

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