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Sanitize, Sanitize, Sanitize. Surely there’s a better way!

"Research from the Oxford journal Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health has found a strong link between overly sanitized, wealthier countries and a higher rate of Alzheimer’s. Conducted across 192 countries, this study suggests a poorly developed immune system, which puts your brain at risk for inflammation."

Can you believe this? More than 30% of all Alzheimer's & dementia cases are linked to environmental triggers, and toxic cleaners top the list…

We know it but… a vast majority of store-bought surface sanitizers contain some seriously SCARY toxic chemicals.

This includes highly toxic methanol, bleach, ammonia, and propanol – all designed to POISON germs.

All of which create a low-grade inflammatory response and bioaccumulates as you inhale the vapors and touch the cleaners with your skin. You may as well microdose on the stuff!

But.. here’s the good news..

We now have a brand NEW completely non-toxic option. So pure that we know you will probably not believe us.

’s make it really, really simple.

Water. Add one pinch of salt. And nothing else. No ammonia, no formaldehyde, no propanol, no bleach. And it has the ability to give a 99.9% kill rate in minutes.

It outperforms so many toxic products and yet, once you are the proud owner of an Alkaway Natural Cleanser.. you’ll never buy those toxic nasties again!

Yes, we know.. it seems unbelievable. But what if I told you that this technology is already employed in major institutions, hospitals, kitchens, restaurants, aged care facilities.. and they all have one thing in common..

They ALL said a resounding NO! to chemicals smeared over everything they touch or use every day. They have saved thousands upon thousands of dollars.. but they’ve also protected their staff, their customers and themselves from potential future health challenges.

Does that sound like someone you can relate to? How important is chemical-free living to you?

OK. We’ll spill the beans.

It’s called activated water. Also HOCl water. It’s made by filling a container with water, adding a touch of salt, and hitting a switch. It uses electrolytic energy to activate the germ killing potential of the water .. in less than five minutes.

After that, the handy spray container (which is also the mixer) is always on hand for you to use at any time to neutralise bad odours, to clean surfaces, to remove stains, to clear the air, to help Doggo smell better… it’s a system that doesn’t just compliment your kitchen health, it actually makes it easier by letting you throw out all those nasty chemo mixes once and for all.

AlkaWay Natural Cleanser

Acts as a general sanitiser and cleaner:

  • Antibacterial action
  • Bacteriostatic action
  • Inhibits bacteria
  • Kills mould
  • Removes/reduces bacteria
  • Mildew control
  • Deodoriser

AlkaWay Natural Cleanser has many uses:

  • Clean fruit and vegetables
  • Control mould in bathrooms
  • Make your own hand sanitiser
  • Clean and deodorise toilets
  • Sanitise kitchen surfaces
  • Desk and office cleaning
  • Pet area deodorising
  • Room deodoriser

    It actually does MUCH more than we are telling you here but regulations prevent us from telling you everything. So why not investigate yourself? Here’s a site for the use of this water in major commercial health care and government institutions – even the kitchen of Parliament House in Australia!

So that’s the good news. What’s the bad?

OK. OK. It costs, and it’s a one time cost. After that, you'll pay nix for all those cleaners (which we’ve estimated at around $600 a year) and nix for any ingredients beyond a pinch of salt.

We live in a time of great complexity.

We haven’t the time or the ability to discern what is safe and what may have long-term health effects on us. The move away from dependence on chemical cleaners has hit the manufacturers hard.. and they keep on telling you just how safe their chemo loaded products really are.. but do you really know?
This simple system is understandable. It’s water and salt! You can actually feel the relief as you spray this activated water in your home.

Here’s your link to learn more about the AlkaWay Natural Cleanser. We know you’re not going to believe us and that’s why we guarantee its capability to you.
It works!