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Why do we choose the most expensive filtration media in the world for our water filter? cover

Why do we choose the most expensive filtration media in the world for our water filter?

  • When we decided that there was an alternative to the expensive, complex and wasteful electric water ionizer a.k.a. water alkalizer, we knew we had to be better in as many ways as possible, and to do so we had to ‘let go of the purse strings’.

    We had to be able to say that:

  • Our alkaline water is better than any alkaline water produced by an electric system,
  • Our UltraStream would equal or excel an electric water ionizer in molecular hydrogen production.
  • Our UltraStream was easier to use and was not dependent on electronic circuitry,
  • UltraStream would be capable of returning to original performance with ease.

    Of course, all the above was about alkaline hydrogen rich water. It ignored the elephant in the room. Filtration.

    Most electric water ionizers filter the water before ionization. Because the unit splits the water after filtration this means that half of the water you just paid to have filtered ends up down the sink. So you are actually paying twice what you need to pay to get clean water.

That’s not the end of the story.
Most electric water filters have what we regarded as ‘basic’ filtration. The modern nasties we see in tap water were not filtered: chloramines, fluoride, heavy metals, PFAs, viruses, bacteria, cysts, disinfectant byproducts.. and many more. So not only did you lose half of your filtered water, you also lost any ability to thoroughly rehabilitate your tap water back to primal state.

The state your primal blueprint body expects – and thrives on!

This was the reason we tasked our USA-based water engineer to source the best and most comprehensive filtration media in the world. The way we figured it was that this was our one big chance to help thousands of people. Money should not be the criteria we decide by.

So yes, our UltraStream filter is more expensive than almost all others in retail price.
But wow! it’s more efficient by far than any off-the-shelf filter we’ve sighted anywhere.

I won’t bore you with all of the qualities and abilities of all of the different media we chose. I’d like instead to focus on one form of media we chose, known as KDF®.

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KDF® (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion)
This unique (and expensive!) process media is high-purity copper-zinc granules that work to reduce contaminants in water using an oxidation/reduction (redox) reaction.

No, you don’t need to understand this!
Here’s what you need to know.

Our reasons for choosing patented KDF® Process Media :

  • Removes chlorine, iron, hydrogen sulfide and heavy metals from water
  • Controls scale, bacteria and algae
  • Extends the life and improve the performance of the catalytic carbon we use as our main filter in the UltraStream
  • Eliminate the need for expensive silver impregnated carbon and pesticide registration hassles
  • KDF® Process Media contain no chemicals,, and it’s 100% recyclable

Ian: If you want to know more about the evolution of the UltraStream filter, here’s the latest.
(We continue to improve UltraStream filtration. Every time you order a replacement filter you automatically receive the latest and best we have managed to achieve.)

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UltraStream Mk IV water filter

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