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Our Water Future?? cover

Our Water Future??

We are water people. We don’t just think about water: we ARE water. So a planet that has too little water is.. incomprehensible. What can we do?

Can Your Drinking Water Affect Your Gut Biome? cover

Can Your Drinking Water Affect Your Gut Biome?

Arsenic is the silent and slow killer in our drinking water.. yet millions still slowly accumulate it in their daily draught straight from the tap. Here’s what you can do.

Getting fitter doesn’t have to hurt... much

Getting fitter doesn’t have to hurt… much

Drinking Hydrogen Rich Water during and after exercise not only helps improve cardiovascular endurance, but a study using HRW for resistance training shows it can improve muscular resilience as well.

Pesticides causing Heart Disease... and more…

Pesticides causing Heart Disease… and more…

Organophosphates and carbamates are the more common active ingredients of household, garden, and farm insecticides, and are highly toxic to all animals and humans. What do they do to the heart? In a 2004 study, 37 adults were admitted to a Singapore hospital with acute pesticide poisoning (organophosphates or carbamate) over a three-year period, and 62 percent of these patients later developed cardiac complications.

Hydrogen v Caffeine in the Sleep Deprived

Hydrogen v Caffeine in the Sleep Deprived

Molecular Hydrogen can be as effective as caffeine in increasing alertness when sleep deprived, but in different ways. Learn the science and beat the morning drag.

Are you 23% Healthy or...

Are you 23% Healthy or…

Forget about the elections, climate change or Covid! Think about what this means in terms of the health of a nation! TERRIBLE results for USA health conditions.

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