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Pesticides causing Heart Disease... and more…

Pesticides causing Heart Disease… and more…

Organophosphates and carbamates are the more common active ingredients of household, garden, and farm insecticides, and are highly toxic to all animals and humans.

What do they do to the heart?
In a 2004 study, 37 adults were admitted to a Singapore hospital with acute pesticide poisoning (organophosphates or carbamate) over a three-year period, and 62 percent of these patients later developed cardiac complications.

But just to give you an idea of how these chemicals can be prevalent without you even knowing it, consider the work of Theo Colborn, Ph.D., who found that the herbicide 2,4 D (the most widespread herbicide) was detected in 50 percent of semen samples from a group of Canadian men ages 20 to 59. He also found that the pesticide CPF was detected in 82 percent of urine samples tested.

These are just two pesticides that were tested out of more than 1,400 known pesticides that have been developed!

And you thought you were pretty safe from environmental toxins? They are quite likely contributors to the outrageous rates of heart attacks and cancers seen in younger aged people each year.

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