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Finally! The untold truth about water ‘alkalizers’! cover

Finally! The untold truth about water ‘alkalizers’!

We sold electric water ionizers for 12 of our 23 years in business here in Australia. And, embarrassing as it may be, we never realised in that time that the ‘alkaline water’ these devices purported to produce was.. not what it seemed.

Yes, the pH meter showed a healthy high ‘alkaline pH’ and the ORP meter showed a healthy negative ion count… so what was there to complain about?

The truth, as they say, will set you free. In this case, the truth will save you many thousands of dollars and even affect your ongoing health and vitality.

It’s all in this hort video, based on two new scientific reports authored by a team headed my Tyler LeBaron, founder, Molecular Hydrogen Institute, Randy Sharpe of H2 Analytics and Kinji Ohno of the Division of Neurogenetics, Center for Neurological Diseases and Cancer, Nagoya University, Japan.

I laid down a quick video explaining the ‘alkalinity’ problem and I’m including links to both of the scientific papers below the video.

Electrolyzed–Reduced Water: Review II: Safety Concerns and Effectiveness as a Source of Hydrogen Water Here

Electrolyzed–Reduced Water: Review I. Molecular Hydrogen Is the Exclusive Agent Responsible for the Therapeutic Effects Here

If you are serious about alkaline water, both are worth the read. They can save you thousands of dollars.
More info on natural alkalizing can be found here

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