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20+ YEARS Water Specialists

Ten lessons from 20+ years of drinking good water. cover

Ten lessons from 20+ years of drinking good water.

When you’ve been seriously involved with pure water for over two decades you begin to think differently about this amazing substance.

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Ian Blair Hamilton Founder, AlkaWay

When I contemplate the fact that I am composed of water more than anything else, I begin to wonder about my relationship to the water see outside of this old bodybag I call “me”.

I’ve not just changed my ideas about water.

My mind has expanded into some things I never contemplated before.. And the result is that I can see myself more as a temporary receptacle than something separate to water itself. I don’t want to bore you with my ‘deep and meaningfuls’ so I’ll just list my ‘realisations’ about water below.

Take what you want, leave the rest.

1. We have been described as a water pipe surrounded by organs, held in place by bones, and covered by skin.

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Water enters, water leaves. Water converts to blood, to plasma, to lymph.

In the meantime this ‘water pipe’ extracts what it needs to keep doing what it does.. Breathing, moving, sleeping, thinking, growing, all totally dependent on the water that enters our inlet – our mouth.

2. The water that is in me now isn’t ‘my water’. It came to me from a world outside this bodybag.
At any given time, as Deepak Chopra once theorised, water molecules that Jesus held in his body could now be – temporarily – in yours.

3. The amazing capability of my body to work with this infinitely greater system of water circulation via sea, cloud, river and rain is nothing short of miraculous. Its ability to reform in the body to what has been labelled the ‘Fourth Stage’ of water, is such an incredible variation. Water changes its molecular composition so it can fit, molecule by molecule, into the infinitely small entry passages of every cell. Water communicates the millions of messages criss-crossing our body every second. Water cleanses and even, like the perfect janitor, carries out the trash.

4. Contemplations like the above give me a sense of awe at how we as a species evolved – changed – modified ourselves to relate to, and utilise the environment in which we live. They cause me to accept that we are a ‘work in progress’ rather than a finished product.

Our bodies have changed so little since our paleolithic ancestors survived the extremes of their own time, always keeping what was necessary for best water utilisation, always discarding that which might lessen the adaptability for our metabolism.

Put another way, adapt or die. And miracle of miracles.. We adapted.

5. When scientists tell me that my body is still working using a metabolic ‘template’ at least 150,000 years old, I understand that it must be a pretty robust evolution of that metabolism.

And, they say, it still responds to environmental and health challenges just as our ancestors did. In particular, up until recently, our ancestors drank from unpolluted, mineral-rich, energised water sources that had lasted – like them – for thousands of years.

It seems to me that there is a synergy between us as a species and our water-based environment.

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6. It also seems to me that our last 50 years have been the most disruptive times in our complete history, a time that has presented more challenges to our paleo metabolism than ever before. It seems to me that this rate of change is about as unnatural a period as we’ve ever had. So it also means that the water we were designed to drink, to gain health and immunity from, no longer exists in our urban lifestyle. The 600+ chemicals the EPA has identified in our water are displacing the pure water that our paleo metabolisms have, for millenia, expected and utilised.

7. This radical change in lifestyle has many faces. One that is obvious to me is our new disconnection with nature, and our disregard for its importance in our life. We don’t actually understand the integral relationship between our bodies, water and the environment that holds that water.

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As a result we aren’t even capable of seeing that drinking the chemical cocktail we are told is necessary for our health and is pumped into our homes could well be a slow poisoning of our bodies.

8. Today every cell in our bodies has a new role, but no script for that role.
The changes in the form of pollutants have arrived. They are ‘in the house’.

Instead of simply accepting the pure water we have enjoyed for millenia, each cell now has to ‘decide’ to rid itself of the toxins contained in our drinking water.
I cannot even imagine how it does that!

This age has no precedent.

All I do know is that our whole world is wracked with diseases that seem to be the result of cumulative ignorance of the importance of our relationship to our water, our food and our environment to the point where a ‘natural death’ is a rarity!

9. The difficulty we experience here at Alkaway is trying to tell people about these learnings when their lifestyle, the pressure they are under from the advertising industry, the ‘quick-fix pop-a-pill’ story that has displaced natural health, gives people a sense that they will somehow ‘beat the odds’ if they listen to what the experts are telling them.

10 When I drink purified, mineral-rich, energised water, I like to go into my body and ask it how it feels.

I haven’t always been able to do this because it has taken two decades of drinking what I like to call ‘Primal Water’ to energise and sensitise my body to a point where I can ‘read’ my emotions this way. There’s a sense of.. (very hard to explain) wholeness, of a single act that is absolutely beneficial.. of me -honouring me!

It’s like my body is saying ‘Thank You!’

I understand that some of these ideas might be a bit radical for you. I also understand that pure water, primarily because there is no profit motive, has been dropped by the wayside by modern ‘civilisation’. We have all been told, for instance, that it is essential for a carcinogenic chemical be force fed into our water pipes to make it ‘safe’.

I just feel very, very grateful to that amazing, still mystical cycle of water from the sky, to the earth, to the spring, to the river, to me. And I feel privileged to have been able to help so many people reclaim that ‘primal water’ and to watch how their health, their vitality, their immunity.. And their minds, have opened up as they returned to how water should be.

I can attest to the fact that my mind, like water at rest, is clearer, with less ripples, less ‘mud’, and more easily coming to a point of stillness. Just like water.

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Here at AlkaWay we like to think that everything we do with our Ultrastream is aligned with the ‘primal water’ principle – that we are helping people return to origin, to give their bodies a second chance.

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