UltraStream Benchtop Water Filter

UltraStream Benchtop Water Filter


  • Removes chlorine, VOCs, fluoride, lead, heavy metals and many more contaminants.
  • Turns normal tap water to ionized, alkaline and hydrogen-rich drinking water.
  • Low Maintenance 12 months filter.
  • 3 Year Warranty.
  • Manufactured in California, USA.
  • NOTE: UltraStream must be installed undersink with a Vented Faucet.
  • UltraStream Undersink version also available.
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Made in USA

Proudly made in the USA and shipped from California

Removes 99.99%

Chlorine, Lead, Chloramines, Arsenic, VOC's. Up to 75% Fluoride reduction

Cost effective

Only 87c a gallon for first 12 months then drops to 31c on your 1st filter change

Long life

Tested for the Life of the Filter 800 Gallons or 12 months

"A World Class Water Filter!"

Join 10,000+ people – just like you – drinking safe, great-tasting and healthy water straight from their own UltraStream water filter every day of the year.

Unlike most water filters, UltraStream is proven in life-of-filter, university laboratory tests to remove a HUGE range of modern contaminants in our water.

dirty water 1
Not all contaminants are easy to see, so we remove them all!

UltraStream: far more than just another water filter

The UltraStream:

Natural Water Ionizer

Water Ionizers enhance water’s ability to donate usable energy to you, the drinker, in the form of antioxidant power.

This ability is measured in Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP).

The UltraStream’s unique O-Dobi media delivers consistently high negative ORP levels and donates infused Hydrogen.

That’s why you’ll find it so easy to drink and begin to see changes in your daily energy levels.


The UltraStream:

Hydrogen Water System

At AlkaWay, we pioneered the output of molecular hydrogen by the UltraStream Water Filter.

UltraStream infuses molecular hydrogen (H2) into your purified, alkaline drinking water.

There are over 300+ published studies and 1000 scientific articles, on the health benefits of molecular hydrogen (H2). Hydrogen is fast becoming the secret ingredient that we predict will become essential in your daily health regime. UltraStream water is an easy way to give your body a hydrogen boost.

Studies point to the possibility of hydrogen to affect inflammation, allergies, cell signaling, free radicals and more.

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The UltraStream:

Natural Water Alkalizer

A natural water alkalizer infuses water with beneficial alkaline minerals. The added alkaline minerals are measured in pH. UltraStream consistently increases your water pH to 8.0 – 9.0. Drinking alkaline water is a simple way that you can reduce the negative effects of our generally acidic diet and lifestyle. 

UltraStream infuses your drinking water with natural magnesium and calcium in every glass.

The final combination of media layers in the UltraStream soften and stabilize the water, producing a smooth blend of balanced, hydrating water with a taste that you will love. You will never go back to tap water after you have tasted UltraStream water. 


The UltraStream:

High-Performance Water

Three synergistic methods work to improve and boost the health benefits of UltraStream water.

  • Semiprecious Tourmaline to soften and impart far infrared energy,
  • Neodymium magnet to stabilize the changes the UltraStream makes,
  • Natural quartz crystal to give the mountain spring taste our users can’t get enough of.

UltraStream water is not just filtered water. It’s enhanced, supercharged and energized water. 10,000+ customers love it and happily drink their daily quota of health-giving UltraStream water.

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UltraStream: Simple Installation with you in mind.

We’ve helped customers install over 10,000 UltraStreams. We’ve got you covered.

Natural Alkaline Water Benefits

Saves Money

UltraStream water will cost you just 87c/G in the first year and 31c after that.

Removes Chemicals

Chlorine + chloramines + volatile organic compounds (VOC's) and trihalomethanes, Reduces fluoride, Removes lead and a wide range of heavy metals. Hundreds of other contaminants removed.

Alkalizes and Energizes

Get your daily supply of beneficial alkaline minerals in every glass. Drink your way to a more alkaline and energized state. UltraStream creates energized water via a stabilizing magnetic field. With the power of crystalline quartz and tourmaline, supported by a magnetic field to stabilize energy, your energy levels are bound to improve.


Easy filter change and long life up to 800 Gallons or 12 months;

water light globe

Anti-Oxidizing Water

A constant supply of beneficial alkaline minerals in every glass, supporting an alkaline inner terrain. Changes tap water to high negative Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) value water indicating high antioxidant capability.

Hydrogen-Rich Water

No electricity required to produce high levels of infused molecular hydrogen. Benefits of molecular hydrogen are supported by over 300+ published studies and 1000 scientific articles.


If you are deciding to help change a throw-away society, or just want to reduce your plastic bottle waste... One UltraStream filter will outlast thousands of single use bottles. You'll never need to buy bottled water again...


Why the UltraStream is a Better Choice

Click on the comparison chart to see why, when it comes to filtration, longevity, water quality and value for money, the UltraStream is a far superior choice … 

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72 reviews for UltraStream Benchtop Water Filter

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  1. I thought the water would taste fresh but it has a “taste” that I need to put lemon juice into it to enjoy the water.

    • Hi Jeanie, I’m guessing that your water may be quite alkaline already, meaning your Ultrastream is giving alkaline water a bit beyond what you are used to. can I suggest increasing the flow rate? This will reduce the pH change of the water by the UltraStream. You’ll also find it mellows within a few weeks of use.
      ~Ian, Founder

  2. I could taste the difference immediately! It tasted just like real plain old water- no chlorine, no chemicals 😍😍😍

  3. Love it

  4. Delicious convenient alkalised water straight from the tap, no need to say anything more

  5. High quality

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