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Also known as; Water Alkalizers, and Alkalisers, and Water Ioniser

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Best Alkaline Water

What is the BEST Alkaline Water When you begin to search for the best alkaline water for you, it can be very, very confusing. So we’re going to make it simple. The best alkaline water is ultra pure water with alkaline minerals in it. The ...
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Compare AlkaWay UltraStream with SD501 Electric water ioniser.

These Videos Show Why the UltraStream is BETTER than the Leveluk SD501 Ian Blair Hamilton, 20 year alkaline health expert measures the pH (alkalinity) and ORP (anti-oxidizing) production from AlkaWay's UltraStream and the Leveluk SD501. The resul...
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How do I Compare Electric Water Ionizers?

It isn’t easy. The reason? It has very little to do with the actual machines; it’s much more to do with the ways they are sold. Multilevel Marketing When MLM is involved, we have observed a very obvious reduction in the quality of the informa...
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Report – 5 big reasons for natural ionizing

What you need to know What you need to know about the alkaline diet and alkaline water, written by Cassie Bond, a true industry veteran. Cassie, Co-Founder of AlkaWay and Ion Life (Founded in 2000) with her partner Ian Blair Hamilton has years of...
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The Molecular Hydrogen Revolution

Molecular Hydrogen Rich Water: the 'Hidden Giant' of therapeutic power in water. AlkaWay leads the way in supplying infused, molecular hydrogen-rich water systems AlkaWay began in 2000, when Ian Blair Hamilton and his partner, Cassie Bond, sa...
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UltraStream vs Electric Water Ionizers

It’s not just a water filter, it’s a complete health system! There’s a new kid on the block and he’s causing trouble among the establishment. UltraStream by AlkaWay has swept away the complexity, the repairs, the maintenance, and the mystery of the ...
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