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It’s easy to focus on food and where to get it on the Paleo Diet. Water is just as important as food when it comes to health. The human body is more than 60% water and needs it for everything from good digestion to healthy skin. Water contaminated with any kind of toxins or chemicals will damage every cell in your body and dehydration and overhydration both have serious health consequences. The quality and quantity of water you drink can be just as important as the food you eat.

The Paleo and Low Carb diet can have amazing results

Huge numbers of people on the Paleo diet and the low carb diet are experiencing powerful health turnarounds by the simple strategy of modelling what scientists tell us was our pre-agriculture diet. So what about the paleo water

But… is it excessively acid-creating?

  • Large amounts of animal protein in the diet can have an acidifying effect on the body.
  • It requires a large proportion of basic alkaline foods to anti-oxidize and to maintain a healthy 60/40 balance of alkali/acid.
  • A good Paleo diet requires a large amount of dark leafy greens on a daily basis – many experts say 7 serves per day.

For optimal health, alkaline, hydrogen-rich ‘Paleo’ water just makes good sense.

  • ‘Paleo’ water from natural springs like Nordenau in Germany, Tlecotle in Mexico and Hita Tenryosui in Japan is pure, rich in hydrogen and alkaline minerals.
  • Water-rich in hydrogen and minerals provides as much as the alkalinity in alkaline foods you are required to consume on a Paleo diet. Calcium and magnesium in solution in water have far higher absorption than food-borne minerals.
  • It also has a more powerful anti-oxidizing effect than most foods due to its high hydrogen levels.
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