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Alkaline Mineral Water: Are You Getting the Real Thing?

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6 Important points to make sure you get the REAL Alkaline Mineral Water

Make sure the alkaline mineral water you buy fits in with your total intake. Excess calcium, for instance, can be as bad as not enough calcium. 

Alkaline Mineral water means what it says. It is water with alkaline minerals dissolved into it over and above what you’d get from a tap. Any reputable water bottle will give the amounts of alkaline minerals including magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium on their label, but do you know how to compare them? Look at the recommended RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) for the minerals you want in your water.
Look at your diet as well, because you may already be getting alkaline minerals in your food.

Take the time to assess your total load from food, supplements you may be already taking, and the water you are looking at.

Go here to see a chart of RDA’s for calcium.
Go here for a chart of RDA’s for magnesium.
Go here for a chart of RDA’s for potassium.
Go here for a chart of RDA’s for sodium.

Make sure it is what it says it is.

There are quite a few forms of bottles or machines that purport to give you alkaline mineral water but may actually NOT deliver. One big multilevel company sold over $150 million dollars worth of water ‘alkalizers’ in one year. People are amazed when I tell them these units add no alkaline minerals to the water passing through them with the exception of calcite, used to smooth the taste of the water coming out of the filter.

Bypassing the water through an electrolysis chamber and subjecting it to electricity, they create water that gives a high pH reading but does not give any extra minerals. technically this is called ‘unbuffered’ alkalinity. It can be neutralized with a couple of drops of lemon juice.

Only the alkaline minerals already in the water come out of the machine in their ‘alkaline water outlet’. You are only getting what was already in your water.. so if it’s alkaline mineral water you want, why not simply drink the water? If you want to filter it, that’s fine because alkaline minerals are in solution and will not be lost through basic filtration. Only Reverse Osmosis and distillation will ‘de-alkalize’ your water.

Is your home already supplied with Alkaline Water?

It’s very likely because vast areas of the world do have alkaline mineral water as a natural water source.

Ask yourself the hard questions!

Are you seeking alkaline minerals because you REALLY Do know you need them or because everyone seems to be saying they are good? Don’t mistake supplements that don’t work for nutrients you don’t need. Calcium is an important mineral for bone health, but supplementing it is often a waste of money. Calcium is available naturally in dairy products, including protein supplements. For example, just one serving of casein protein provides 60% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of calcium!

If you are doing it for bone health, supplementing calcium by itself does not substantially improve bone density. You have to take it with other nutrients like vitamin D, vitamin K2, and magnesium need to be taken alongside calcium to benefit bone health. The combination of all these forms a codependent relationship, which is when supplements work together towards a common goal.

Calcium deficiencies are rare and can be easily fixed by slightly modifying your diet. Calcium supplementation is largely unnecessary.

Don’t ‘throw out the baby with the bathwater’

Alkaline Mineral water, as we’ve discussed can have good levels of alkaline minerals in it… or not. The ‘not‘ water – the water from electric water ionizers, has a real benefit unknown until only recently when Japanese research was discovered about molecular hydrogen. The many, anecdotal health stories from users of these machines were attributed to alkalinity or to micro-clustering of the water, or to ‘negative ions’ in the water, but in fact, it was molecular hydrogen (H2) which is the subject of around 500 studies today including over 150 disease modalities. So don’t throw out the idea of water from these units even if they can’t give you the alkaline mineral water you seek.

Research, research, research!

The whole water story is changing very fast.

We mentioned earlier that electric ionizers don’t make alkaline mineral water, but they do infuse molecular hydrogen into the output water. So an ideal solution would be to have alkaline minerals added to the water that passes through an ionizer.

Luckily, these are now available and guess what? We invented the most popular one in the world, the UltraStream. The UltraStream does not use electrolysis or electricity. It uses the world’s best filtration media and it then passes the water through a special media that mineralizes and infuses hydrogen. This means you are getting the ‘real’ alkaline mineral water, and you are getting molecular hydrogen levels almost four times the levels of $4000 electric water ionizers. You’ll save over $3000 and get cleaner water as well as alkaline mineral water infused with hydrogen.

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