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Alkaline Diet and Health

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The Alkaline Diet has had a somewhat varied history.

The basic science is sound. It is (in a nutshell) the following:

One should endeavour to consume more alkali-forming foods and less acid-forming foods. Acid or alkaline forming food is one that causes acid or alkalise to be added to the net acid/alkaline balance in the body.

The idea behind this theory is that the body with sufficient alkaline minerals has the power to counteract the excessively acidic lifestyle of the modern homo sapiens.

The varied history came about primarily due to the influence of the internet where a proliferation of alkaline diet experts borrowed, copied and repeated the same few alkaline food charts and scant scientific reports to sell their wares in the form of diet courses. It was also probably not served well by some alkaline ‘experts’ who comingled alkaline diet theory with their own diet ideas including raw and vegan.

In the last few years, some people have begun to look hard at these purveyed principles, and compare them with the latest dietary science.

This has ‘boiled own’ the many variations to the diet into some very basic concepts. Here at AlkaWay, after following the alkaline 80/20 diet concepts for 14 years,  Ian Hamilton, (AlkaWay Founder) discovered he had advanced osteoporosis. With the help of co-founder Cassie Bond, he developed the ‘New Alkaline Diet’, combining many new discoveries on the role of saturated fats, fructose, and grains, which were not really examined under the old regime.

Alkaline Diet and Alkaline Water have been similarly co-mingled for the purposes of selling product when the truth is that the ‘alkaline water’ produced by the vast majority of electronic water ionizers has little capability of affecting our alkaline buffer within the body because the water simply holds too few alkaline minerals.

Some marketers have created excitement around the alkaline diet, and then moved the focus of their ‘aroused’ prospective buyers to so-called Alkaline Water ionizers.

It’s hard to blame anyone for this because until 2013 virtually everyone involved thought that the water from these electric systems was indeed highly alkaline. Today we know that the beneficial element in this water (by far) is not alkaline minerals but molecular hydrogen.

Summarizing, the new alkaline diet has real value and really does change lives.

The new forms of water ionizers that deliver high levels of molecular hydrogen are also changing people’s lives. The only real difference is that we now know more and have the experience to keep out of the sales traps set everywhere along the pathway to alkaline health. A great way to start is to test your bodies pH. This can be achieved with AlkaWays Easy to use pH Test Strips that will help track your Alkaline Diet.

They can be used to test either Urine and Saliva in the comfort of your own home.
Practitioners prefer to use the AlkaWay pH Test Strips, as they are extremely accurate, super-sensitive with a testing range of 4.5 – 9.0.


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